Bookish Identity Tag!

First off! Thanks Dorothy of Not That Girl From Oz for tagging me and reminding me that I’m tagged! I tend to quite forget a lot of things sometimes. You, guys, should check her blog out! Awesome posts, awesome aesthetics, awesome blog. Well, she’s just really awesome all around!

Before I start answering questions, I want you to know that bookish stuff are still coming! I’m just kind of biding my time to refine each post so they wouldn’t be as trashy as my old ones. Rest assured, they are gonna be posted. And by the way, the next post will be favorites of 2016, so if want to read about that just stay updated on my post!

So here we go!

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The Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag!!!

Hello there! If you noticed, the relationship between me and tags is going strong. We’ve been on three dates now and I’m having the time of my life. So if you want to me answer some book related stuff again, keep on reading.

I just love answering these book related questions!

I’m a fan of Game of Thrones. Probably not a die-hard fan because I haven’t read the books (SHAME!) but obviously, that’s not stopping me from doing this tag. I love Game of Thrones. Watching it is like a sweet torture to my soul but for some reason I keep on not doing this tag. I’ve been wanting to do this tag for how many months now and only now that I decided to actually do it.

Again, I wasn’t tagged by anyone but will that stop me from doing tags? NOPE. But I saw this one from the blog of Shanon at Clockwork Bibliophile and she does amazing posts. Check it out!!!

Read on if want to see my answers!

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The Coffee Book Tag

Hello! It’s been a while since I did a tag! And to be honest, no one ever did tag me then, so does with this tag. But who cares? It seemed fun so I’m gonna do it. I saw this tag at Youtube at Jessethereader’s channel go ahead and check that out. He’s super amazing!

So coffee… I LOVE COFFEE. Black, iced, latte, macchiato, frappe, intant, with cream, with sugar. You name it. Aside from it tastes really good, it has been my constant companion through thick froth and thin froth of my sorry ass life, from prelims to finals, coffee my love had been there.

I am super sad though that these past 2 months, I decided not to drink coffee because I’m flushing out of my system caffeine while I’m on my summer vacation. I did this because I drank coffee so much last semester that my sweat and pee started to smell like coffee and I know I had to quit for a while. And that 2 months abstinence from the magical substance given by God has made me a craving for answering coffee related book questions. Let’s start!

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Disney Song Tag!

I wasn’t technically tagged by anyone on this but I came across cantstopwontstopbooks‘ blog (such a wonderful blog, by the way!) and I thought this tag was cool. I am a big Disney fan myself. I mean, who didn’t grow up with Disney? Even though I don’t know some songs, I feel like I could still relate. So here’s how it works: There are 10 songs and with each song comes a question about book and I answer them the best that I could. Pretty simple, right? Let’s get this rollin’!

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