Favorite Books of 2016!

Hello guys! It’s still 2016 when I was writing this so it technically is fit for 2016 favorites! I pushed it to the last day because I wanted to widen it up a bit, in case I read something I love so that it would be included in this.

I feel like 2016 has been a very tricky year for reading. I knew that I’m not going to be able to read a lot so I made my reading goal very realistic. From 50 last 2015, I made it 35. I achieved that and exceeded it by two more which I’m proud of because this year has not been the nicest but I managed to meet my goals.

Even though I only read 37, I think I made pretty good choices of reading materials because from that narrow selection, I have so many favorites, not just for this year, but in my all time favorites list.

So if you want to see them go ahead and read on!

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Crappy Poetry 101

Hey guys! It feels so nice to be back! I don’t have anything book related to give you right now even though I’ve been doing nothing but read since my winter break started. I will post for sure in the coming days.

What I have for you today is the things that kind of accumulated in my brain for the past semester, which had been a really tough one, and it drove me to write poetry/prose . I wouldn’t say that they are good ones, some are even bad because of my rustiness. I warned you at the title. Writing is just like singing to me. I’m not very good at it but I still love to do it anyway. But these are some of the most intimate things about myself that I had written and I wanted to share my thoughts merely to express myself to strangers who I know wouldn’t have any idea about what I had written about but I hope somehow, you and your experiences will give a new meaning to these bunch of words. And even though some entries are not based from my actual experiences and some are, all the feelings and thoughts I have for each are nothing but genuine.

Quick shout out to my friend Kim of Numb & Dumber for igniting my spirit to write!

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Random Story: Microscopes Hate Us

I’m telling you right now. This post has nothing to do with books or any fangirling stuff. But making a new blog just seems like a lot of work so I’m posting it here. This is not a fictional story I wrote or whatever. It’s just a day in my life kind of thing that I want to share to people for some demented reason. Because this story makes no sense at all! But if you’re in for a random read from a random day in my life, read on.

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Reasons, Reasons and More Reasons Plus 2015 Reads

Well, hi there! It’s been a long while! (Understatement) Is it too late now to say sorry? I’m here now, that’s what matters. RIght??? I HOPE SO.

2015 had been cray-cray.  It wasn’t my favorite year ever but there were still awesome things that happened and superb people that I had met.

I had neglected this blog so much, when I opened it again, it looked so sad. And I just want to quit writing here altogether. But I want to express myself, so here I go again, making a dumbass comeback.

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8 Types of Non-Reading People

Well now, technically, there’s no such thing as a non-reader. Unless you’re too young to read or you’re illiterate. Anyone who can read is technically a reader. Everyone does it all the time. You read road signs, directions from maps, your messages, ingredients of a shampoo, tweets and articles. That kind of stuff. But what I really mean by the non-reading folk is those people who don’t enjoy pleasure reading. The kind that considers reading time is not the same as leisure. WHICH IT IS.
Now, don’t go antagonistic on me all of a sudden. Same with anything, non-reading people aren’t all bad. Some are nice and okay and fun but some AREN’T. Let me tell you some non-reading people that I’ve encountered.

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I’m Still Alive! – April Happenings and May TBR

It’s been a looong while! I haven’t been doing any post for the past month. I don’t want to give you reasons for not posting but we lost our internet connection so I can’t do anything. Look, I really don’t want to reason with you, guys, but I’ve been helping my mom on her business and with reading and writing, it’s been difficult to prioritize both when I have my mom’s mouth on my ear. Yeah, no excuses. No excuses at all.
Just to recap my April, it wasn’t that much fun as I had expected because I thought I’ll be spending it trying to forget outdoors. Opposite of what happened! But I managed achieve my goal for April! I’ve finished Harry Potter series last April 30, 2015! Finally!
I had loads and loads of fun reading it! I have absolutely no favorite and least favorite among the seven books because all of it is the best. Heard me? THE BEST. I laughed hard, and cried harder on the last 2 books. Now, I know what I’ve been missing. Yeah, I’m the newly indoctrinated Potterhead! It’s just been awesome series; I can’t say anything bad about it.
Well, while I’m really immersed in Harry Potter, I still managed to read a short contemporary. It’s called Stolen: A letter to my captor by Lucy Christopher. It was a weird book. In a good way. I’m confused on how I felt about it. It’s about a girl that has been kidnapped on the airport and taken to Australia by her captor and later on she started to feel something for her captor. As I’ve said, I’m confused about how I feel about the ending, but I’ve enjoyed it, I think and I don’t think I remember details as precisely as I had so I’m not writing anything about Stolen. For now.
I also reread some stuff like The Host by Stephanie Meyer, The Selection by Kiera Cass, Isla and the Happily Ever After (you can never go wrong with Stephanie Perkins). Yeah, that’s my April. Nothing unusual, you see.
Since I’ve already went to a fantasy streak. I’m planning to read contemporaries for the whole May. But of course, a series may come and go along the lines. I don’t think I’m going to be starting right away on this pile. Let the hangover pass, you know. Here goes.
1. Where She Went by Gayle Forman (I’ve already read If I Stay)
2. Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover (I’ve already read Slammed)
3. Confess by Colleen Hoover
4. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
5. It’s not Summer Without You by Jenny Han
6. We’ll Always have Summer by Jenny Han
7. Landline by Rainbow Rowell
8. The Heir by Keira Cass (Yeah, this is not contemp but it’s a must read)
Unlike Harry Potter, I don’t intend this to be in order except The Summer Trilogy. I would read them as I wish. See yah!