Bookish Identity Tag!

First off! Thanks Dorothy of Not That Girl From Oz for tagging me and reminding me that I’m tagged! I tend to quite forget a lot of things sometimes. You, guys, should check her blog out! Awesome posts, awesome aesthetics, awesome blog. Well, she’s just really awesome all around!

Before I start answering questions, I want you to know that bookish stuff are still coming! I’m just kind of biding my time to refine each post so they wouldn’t be as trashy as my old ones. Rest assured, they are gonna be posted. And by the way, the next post will be favorites of 2016, so if want to read about that just stay updated on my post!

So here we go!

1. What world would you live in?

Do you really even have to ask? Of course, the wizarding world! But I’ve already said that before so instead of being repetitive, I’m just gonna  say the runner up. And that is the world of A Court of Thorns and Roses!

That world is just incredibly complex and SO explore-worthy because of the courts which follows a particular season or just have a definite time of day (this is explained in the books, of course). Not to mention the type of creatures that lives in there, it would be just fantastic to go there. Plus, I would gladly give my left hand up to go to Velaris. Velaris is perfection. To go there on Star fall, I would die happy. I mean, DAMN. It’s like Hogsmeade, but better! A lot Better!

2. Who would your partner be?

I have a post dedicated to book boyfriends already but I feel like I need to update that because this guy right here is a real winner. Rhys from A Court of Thorns and Roses series. I KNOW. I KNOW. SARAH MAAS AGAIN! You can’t blame me though. Super hot guy who’s super duper powerful plus troubled past and insecurity issues, not to mention cool tatts? SIGN ME UP ANYTIME.

3. Who would be your godly parent?

APOLLO. Definitely. Music, poetry and healing? Yeah that’s my dad! I mean, I’m sure everyone loves music, but me? I REALLY LOVE MUSIC! I’m drawn to all kinds of genre. I even tried to play guitar and piano (not successful). And then there’s poetry, which I love to read as equally as I love to write them when the right mood strikes. I’m not the best at it though. And healing? Yeah, I’m on my premed. See? I’m an Apollo child through and through!

4. Would you be a Downworlder or Nephilim?

I would really love to be a warlock! I mean they are so cool with all the tricks and magic. Plus they look different too! And I love that! Not that I don’t adore the Nephlilim, I do. But most of them are just really racist or sexist or corrupt as seen on their government. I feel like I’ve had enough of that on this world, thank you.

5. Which House would you be in?

I think it’s safe to say that Harry Potter was being alluded to in this question. And I would be in Ravenclaw. I took the test three or four times, All of them gives me the same result. I even tried to manipulate it to put me in Gryffindor. Not successful. I guess, it’s not that I’m super smart or whatever, but more like  quirky or odd like Luna and other Ravenclaws . Something like that. But being put in the house of the smart students four times is a flattery still.

6. Which faction would you be in?

For those living in their shells, it’s alluding to Divergent.

Every normal person is Divergent. I mean, the people living in that world are the “damaged” ones. So being Divergent is like saying I’m just normal (BORING) so I would pick the most dominant trait in me instead. I think I would be in Candor... Not that I’m super honest or some crap but I tend to say things immediately after thinking about them. Whether it’s harsh or good or inappropriate, I tend to blurt it out. I’m trying to filter my words now, I just don’t know if it’s working. Let’s just say that my mouth pretty much always gets me into trouble.

7. What would be your Daemon?

I haven’t read this book that’s being alluded to, here but I took a quiz and I’ve got a dog. which I’m sure is pretty accurate because I love dogs! I have a toy poodle and a yorky-pom  (pomky? yorpom?) and they shower me with love and spit everyday and I have no complains. My patronus though, is a ragdoll cat, which is also very cute! My neighbor has one and I love him! The cat… not the neighbor.


So that is it for this tag guys! I hope you enjoyed and formulated answers of your own, feel free to comment down or tag me in your posts!  Happy Holidays and don’t forget to share the feels!


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