Crappy Poetry 101

Hey guys! It feels so nice to be back! I don’t have anything book related to give you right now even though I’ve been doing nothing but read since my winter break started. I will post for sure in the coming days.

What I have for you today is the things that kind of accumulated in my brain for the past semester, which had been a really tough one, and it drove me to write poetry/prose . I wouldn’t say that they are good ones, some are even bad because of my rustiness. I warned you at the title. Writing is just like singing to me. I’m not very good at it but I still love to do it anyway. But these are some of the most intimate things about myself that I had written and I wanted to share my thoughts merely to express myself to strangers who I know wouldn’t have any idea about what I had written about but I hope somehow, you and your experiences will give a new meaning to these bunch of words. And even though some entries are not based from my actual experiences and some are, all the feelings and thoughts I have for each are nothing but genuine.

Quick shout out to my friend Kim of Numb & Dumber for igniting my spirit to write!

Here they are

When Together

You’re not the flour to my bread,
Nor the salt to my sea.
In my shirt, you’re not the thread,
Nor the bean to my coffee.

Without you, I am complete,
There is nothing I am after.
Without you, I’m not replete,
I still am put together.


You make the butter to my bread,
Make the sand to my sea.
You make the needle to my thread,
The creamer to my coffee.

Without you, I am complete,
There is nothing I am after.
You are you and I am me,
Just better when together.


 But the irony of life is that the moment you fulfill your purpose, the moment you attained your greatness, you pass. Life doesn’t let you it live out. Doesn’t let you bask in the moment just for another second. It’s as if it put you there just to remove you.


Reassurance is a funny thing. Why do we need it? Everything is just is if it’s true. In all my life, I have never heard  a bird ask if he could fly, an apple if it’s red, or the sky if it’s blue.

I love you. Just know that I do.


You have a light in your eye that just wouldn’t fade.
You have a glint in your smile that hints endless escapades.
You are warmth and gentleness personified.
You are what everyone wish they would find,
You are the brightest star in the night sky we see.
You are everything I want him to be.


We are Rome.
We’ve been enemies.
We’ve been friends.
We conquered and we made amends.
We basked in our glory and abandoned our fate.
We would say that we were great.
We even made our own heaven and hell.
And that’s when we fell.


You were the wind beneath my wings. But gravity has always been my best friend.


I sometimes think that Freedom and Choices are just illusions. And we are all going to hell. I hate to think that everything is predestined. That no matter what you say or choose have already been chosen for you. If that’s the case, are you really free? Did you even make a choice? Even if you wanted it what has been chosen for you? If a girl was given a her favorite lollipop and was told that she couldn’t have any other lollipop other than that. Is that fair?


Tell me what it is. I could take it. Muffling the screams doesn’t make you unheard. I’d rather you overkill me with one blow. Don’t skin me with your dull knife.


What I hate is that even after everything, I can’t hate you for what you did. But I hate you for making me hate me.


They would break me into a million little fragments and make me watch.
So that’s what I did.
Like a soulless being I would detach myself from myself and from a considerable distance, I would watch it like I would watch a TV. Pretending that what I see is not real, or even if it’s real, it’s contained in a box that would not touch me. Pretending that it’s not happening to me but to someone else.
Even now, after everything, after leaving all of that behind. I can’t stop myself from watching the damn Tv and be the best actress in my own show.

So that’s all I have for now guys, I just wanted to share what I felt writing most of these. Mostly I felt like these pieces are already done somehow  and the words are just looking for nooks and crannies and channels to flow to my hands. Like basically it flows, but the channels are long and some are clogged because I have a really unorganized brain and creativity sometimes can’t find the path to flow to but I’m really glad and kind of embarrassed at the same time to share these to you. but what’s the worse thing that could happen right?

Till next time! Share the feels!


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