Random Story: Microscopes Hate Us

I’m telling you right now. This post has nothing to do with books or any fangirling stuff. But making a new blog just seems like a lot of work so I’m posting it here. This is not a fictional story I wrote or whatever. It’s just a day in my life kind of thing that I want to share to people for some demented reason. Because this story makes no sense at all! But if you’re in for a random read from a random day in my life, read on.

Before I start with the story, I should probably tell you that I’m a sophomore at a university here in the Philippines and I’m studying medical technology (Laboratory Science, whatever). Just so you don’t  assume that I have a biological lab at my backyard for my weird hobbies (which I secretly have).

I don’t know about you but I’m superstitious AF. I know it’s highly illogical but that doesn’t stop me or anything. Superstitions make me stick to routine. Changed my ID lace today? I might have just removed my lucky ID lace which made me pass at chemistry. I swear to you, I have a pair of shoes that makes my day unlucky. Long story short, I HATE BREAKING ROUTINES. Because I feel like I’m gonna ruin my luck! But nobody else knows this.

That day was my second day of school and all my classes aren’t the same as the one I had the day before and so I hadn’t met my professors yet. That Tuesdays was also the day I decided to break the routine and try not to be as superstitious like before. So I did something new, I put makeup on. I curled my lashes and then slab on some lip tint.  That’s it, no one has time in the morning. But here’s the thing, deciding to break the routine is breaking the routine. That entered my mind then BUT I’m ending the routine. I’m a logical person now. So on I went to class.

My second class  that day is a lab class on anatomy and physiology and we got divided into groups with 7 members each. 4 of my friends are in the group and the other 2 is a couple, but they’re really nice. And so I was liking this decision to break routines cause everything that day turned out just fine. But deep down I’m still nervous about breaking this freaking routine.

The next meeting, we are to practice microscopy (it basically just means using a microscope). So one of my friends got our group one microscope. It’s an electric one so I was so amazed cause we usually just use ones with the mirror, and then we are given a specimen to see under it.

And then, a series of unfortunate events came which I think is the bad luck of breaking the routine. Not one of us had an idea how to operate the freaking microscope. Not that we’re dumb or anything. But we weren’t used to electric microscopes! And only then did we find out that our microscope isn’t the same with other groups which had a freaking switch at the freaking base which when you flip, will light the freaking bulb which is also on the base!! Ours had nothing on the base! NOT A FREAKING LAMP OR BULB OR ANYTHING ON THE BASE. All it had was a long tube that connects under the stage but it doesn’t touch the base. And so we started freaking out like “Do we need a change of microscope or something?” but of course, we don’t wanna be that group that exchanges microscope on the first sh*t that hits the fan. So we tinkered a little and found out that we’re idiots after all, because the microscope doesn’t have a switch on the base. it’s on the freaking tube under the stage! And it’s also not a switch! It’s like a cog that you rotate until you hear it click!

So we started focusing the specimen. None of us were experts in focusing a microscope yet. let alone do it under 45 seconds in HPO because that’s the practical quiz the next meeting. We started at LPO and found like little dots on the slide that we’re all sure wasn’t the blood smear. By this time, the other groups were practicing individually to focus the microscope under time pressure and we can’t even locate our specimen! We spent more than 10 minutes locating the freaking blood smear before we gave up and called the lab instructor for help. Turns out, our slide was empty. EMPTY. EMPTY!!!

We were all so frustrated by that time that we just laugh it all off but I’m doing the nervous laugh because I’m pretty sure, me and my makeup brought it all upon our group.

We borrowed a different slide and then went on our way. The period ended and we only had little time practicing. No one was beaming with joy but the instructor promised that we can practice an hour before the quiz so that cheered us up a little.

Here goes… I’m bad at focusing the microscope… I’m not the worst but I’m definitely not best at it. And also on the quiz, you just might be assigned to a not friendly microscope. Plus the fact that I don’t do well on time pressure. So the odds are against me. LIKE BIG TIME.

I distinctly remember with panic and anxiety that it was already 35 seconds in and I have not yet found what is wrong with it that is blocking the light! BUT THANK GOD IN HEAVENS that on the last 10 seconds I managed to find the light and focus it on HPO. Some people call it adrenaline, I call it pity miracle from the routine gods.

That is only the start of the sh*t show that is our AnaPhy lab class . Every single experiment, we sucked ass. Although, I’m proud to say this, we always finish, AND NOT ALWAYS IN LAST! You see, you know something bad had hit us when we only aim to finish and not come out on top!

One time, we were to find the stages of cell division on 2 specimens and we found none! NONE. Not because we suck at focusing. But the microscope, the lighting and the specimen are all teaming up against us. I swear, even my group mates notice that every time we do lab, we always have a major problem. BLESS MY INSTRUCTOR’S SOUL THOUGH, because SHE LET OTHER GROUPS (who are just completing their experiments, I might say) AND US FINISH THE EXPERIMENT NEXT MEETING. We managed to finish ours in record time, but since we came up with nothing the first time, we finished last. But I’m not complaining. Might anger the routine gods.

If I’m so sure that me breaking the routine is the cause of all the bad luck on my lab class, will I not wear makeup to school anymore? I don’t know, maybe. Maybe not. It’s not like I have a routine to follow, like I said I’m trying to be logical now. I just hope that we really get good at lab or the bad luck tires itself out. Cause I swear to God, the blame will always be on me and my lip tint.

Oh my gosh, I’m sure I’m totally confusing you with using logic and bad luck at the same paragraph but whatever, old habits are hard to break. And I said I’d try not perform miracles.

So that’s the senseless thought/story I just had to share with everyone. If you’re looking for a life lesson in here, I’m not sure you’ll find one but hey…

Wish us all luck though, even if I’m logical. WE NEED IT.

That’s all for today! Bye!


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