Let’s Talk About: Morning Star by Pierce Brown

18966806Hello! I’m back to talk about the 3rd book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series! And that is the Morning Star!

I believe I’ve already told you how much I am into this series. I love it so much. And I will keep on raving about this series for a very long time. The last time I had this kind of commitment to finishing a book was when I was reading Queen of Shadows by SJM. And don’t get me wrong, I had read many amazing books since then but there’s something about this series that was so badass. I just knew this series got me whipped. I mean, if the author decides to write 50 more books and decides to publish those in one day, I’m positive that I could be convinced to buy all those books with my inheritance.

Well, if you haven’t read Morning Star yet but read a book or two from this series, I have discussions for Red Rising and Golden Son in this blog. I obsessed over both those books too. I told you I am crazy for these books.

Morning Star is my favorite of the 3 books in this series. Those action scenes in the beginning chapters never get old. It reminds me that this series is fabulous and just reading those few chapters will hook you for the rest of the book. This book killed me, then brought me back to life then killed me, then brought me back to life then killed me and killed me and killed me… SO BAD.

Just to bring me back to life more alive than ever.

The first book was really raw and gritty and rough on the edges in a good way and set a beautiful foundation for the rest of the books. The second one was even more action-packed and could cause a serious heart disease and topped the first book. But man, this last book, I didn’t expect. And while its action scenes are WHOAH, this one was the most emotional one and that gave me strong connection to the characters.

And for a trilogy, the series finished wonderfully. And sure, a few more pages in that epilogue would have been nice but ultimately, I am satisfied with the ending. And I barely see this in trilogies nowadays. More often, they would start off very promising but the last book wouldn’t just justify the whole series.

UPDATE: I was just now informed that there’s going to be more books set in this world and I cannot contain my jubilation because I don’t want to leave Darrow and friends just yet.

I think this book is fantastic and entertaining. Just wonderful, you guys. Honestly, read it.

Discussion with Spoilers

I was so excited to read this book because I know that this one’s gonna be the one to seal the deal with the colors and the Society, where we “fix” the world and stuff. And I couldn’t wait for Darrow to do that. Because for so long, we he had seen him fight and fight and war on to the Gold enemy but we hadn’t seen him build. And just exactly how he would do that.

For 6 years that we followed his journey we saw him grow into a super soldier slash warlord. Cunning and smart. But now that his true identity was revealed, we also need someone with a heart that’s stronger than his hand. As I see it, the author purged his character by isolating him in the darkness for 9 months. After that he was practically a clean slate. In 2nd book, Darrow was stripped of his titles and he resorted to proving himself and gaining his reputation back and he didn’t once question his self-worth and I loved that about Darrow’s character. The guy simply had an iron will.

But being alone for 9 months in the darkness… That took him like 50 notches down to the ground. All the fear and insecurities resurfaced and in a way, that’s what he needed. To confront his demons. So anyway, he was humbled and he realizes that he’s not invincible and that he needs people around him and that he’s not alone in this. And that’s where we get to see him form bonds and reestablish the relationship he has with other people with it really being about these people and not just for his cause and Eo’s dream. And I love that. We get to explore those relationships as well as other characters relationship with other characters aside from Darrow. Like Victra and Sevro.

Like I just explained in full detail, the character development was drastic. And I had to adjust to that because I’m not used to Darrow hurting and brooding and question his very purpose. But I also really loved how other characters stepped up in this book. The development on Cassius, Ragnar and Sevro was just on point and I was amazed by it up to the last chapter. Not just these characters but even new ones as well like Holiday and Sefi.

I loved the writing in this book. My concerns from the last book has been completely gone in Morning Star. I had easier time visualizing things here. Also I love how the fight scenes change from book to book. In Red Rising, it was more medieval kind of warfare, in Golden Son, we had a little space fight going on but mostly we took the fighting on land, in cities, and we conquered, I mean, it was civil war. Now, Morning Star was all out intergalactic warfare with a motto of “Let the spacecrafts and nukes do the talking”. It really shows how flexible the author is in writing.

In a way, we all know how it’s going to end. You know, with equal rights and defeating the tyrant. But the real question is how do we get there and how many are still alive when we get there. Because if you came this far in reading this series, you know that Pierce is cruel when he wants to be. As of Golden Son, he’s killed more friends than enemy. Those last 6 pages of the 2nd book, IT’S PRACTICALLY RED WEDDING IN GAME OF THRONES.

Nuff said, let’s talk about the events that gave us all mini heart attacks.

I really thought Victra was dead. But damn, my girl’s a fighter! 2 shots in the spine and 1 year torture can’t bring this flame down. I really liked Victra in this book. I didn’t not like her in Golden Son but I was still hesitant. Antonia is bitch and they’re sisters! What’s a girl like me to do but kinda expect the worst! But she proved herself to all of us and I’m glad Darrow saved her.

When the elevator went up and exposed Darrow to the crowd, I was really sad for my baby. He was naked and dirty and really weak. He’s quite literally skin and bones and I just started tearing up for what was done to him. And seriously want to strangle Jackal in the neck and scream BRING HIM BACK!!! BRING HIM BACK!

And then Cassius gave him a coat and I was annoyed at myself for still wanting him and Darrow to be friends again despite what he did on the Triumph. But the moment Cassius helped him, I want him on our side again because we need more friends. I think Cassius is Pierce’s way of paying for the death of Ragnar and betrayal of Roque.

I thought Fitchner was alive! Then I was a little disappointed that he wasn’t, that Sevro assumed the position so he’s now the Ares. I was happy for Sevro, though. And I got what I most badly need last book, for him to rescue Darrow right off the bat on Morning Star.

When Dancer was telling Darrow the story that they all thought he was dead, even his mom. I was just crying, not because they gave up on Darrow. How are they supposed to know? But because Sevro never stopped looking, despite all odds. And I just want to hug Sevro for not giving up and being loyal no matter what. That’s what #friendshipgoals should be like, not having matching iPhones. Seriously Sevro, we love you!

And then Darrow finally met his nephews and nieces to Kieran and they all love Ragnar and Sevro and it was just so cute and adorable. And right there, I get Darrow, he feels like he’s not fitting in anywhere, even for the people that he’s fighting for. Even with his family… and dude that’s sad! But there’s where we see Ragnar step up because if anyone should feel like that, it’s him.

I just love that hospital scene where Darrow interacted with the injured soldiers and that he joked with them. That was just a sight of how other people really fuels Darrow as a soldier. And then he was carved again and he started training with Victra and then out of nowhere, they’re being attacked and I just gasped! I was like: “WHO THE F IS THE TRAITOR IN HERE??? 😱”

Turns out it was just the Howler initiation test.

For these people, nudity is nothing but I can’t help but blush a little for Victra. She’s still a female, you know. It was basic initiation except for the part that they ate a bucket of cockroaches. GROSS. EEW. REALLY. IT’S ALIVE! And then!!! We saw Sevro and Victra share a some gooey staring there, didn’t we?!!! While he’s putting on her wolf cloak! Huh!  #Vicro #Sevtra  Nice. 😀

After that, we learn that Quicksilver’s funding most of Jackal’s projects so they set up a mission to kidnap him with Sevro leading all of them. Again, I had to adjust to the idea that Darrow’s not running the show anymore. And while I’m happy that Sevro’s exploring his leadership skills, I WANT MY BABY BACK ON HIS ELEMENT. We see him questioning Sevro’s decisions, not because he’s bitching that he’s only a soldier here and not the commander but because he’s been there, he would’ve done exactly that and it had backfired. It’s like they traded places, only when he was leading, Sevro was trusting him fully so if he tries to talk to him about, it’s not gonna sound good! It would seem like he’s not willing to do for Sevro what he did for him!

When they saw Matteo there, I was like: “YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE!!! ARE U A TRAITOR? NO!!!” I know, I went a little paranoid there but we have less and less people to trust. That said, I wasn’t happy Sevro hurt him.

Is it considered an ambush if you don’t even know who your ambushing? CAUSE HOLY MACKAREL, I didn’t know who was more surprised, the Sons or the Golds? Thank heavens Aja the uptight bitch wasn’t there or they’ll be slaughtered. They practically peeled the room to dust. And I was so frustrated that opening the door and seeing everything, Sevro doesn’t know what to do! Sevro, did you think this through? And I really don’t want to fight the Telemanuses, the adorables. Or Mustang. At least we managed to pull a limb from the Sovereign’s Fury, but I really just wanted that to be Aja dying. That girl is seriously pain in the ass!

And so to escape, Darrow assumed leadership again. And you’d think I would just be happy but no. Sevro was clearly sulking on the way home and they just told everyone their coordinates! I don’t like emo Sevro and I hate it even more when he and Darrow fight. I would rather see Darrow x Mustang breakup than Darrow x Sevro bro-vorce.

That heart to heart talk they had after they discovered that Quicksilver is a Son is pretty touching. We see how everything really falls heavily on Sevro’s shoulders. And for a year, he couldn’t tell anyone about it and when Darrow came back, he was so fragile that he couldn’t let him carry the burden. And it was crushing him and the Sons. Plus he felt really insecure and I’m like: Go on baby boy, cry it out. And then of course he’s bound to make fun of the situation anytime soon. There was this exchange that had my eyes welling up and then Sevro just made the moment lighter.

“I think the shittiest part about getting old is now we’re smart enough to see the cracks in everything.”

“We’re twenty-three, dipshit.”

“Well, I feel eighty.”

“You look it.” I flip him the crux, earning a smile.

Fitchner was Ares and Quicksilver was the 1st Son?? WTH!? ARE BABIES GROWING TAILS NOW TOO? It’s like the Fitchner situation again where he’s he last person you would suspect of being Ares but then it makes perfect sense! Quicksilver being w/ the Sons makes excellent sense! And even though he provided A LOT of things for the Sons, his scenes with Sevro and Darrow are pretty much the last time we saw him. All we know is that Matteo is his husband. So his only role, it seems was to fund everything, which is nice.

So then Darrow’s next plan is to haul the Obsidian all the while letting Phobos do the slaughtering for him. While he’s narrating that and he’s boarding the ship, all I could think of was: “We’ll do better if we join Mustang” and BOOM! By the end of the chapter we see Mustang at the hangar!

Of all the books, this I think is where I like Mustang the best. Of course we didn’t know that she’s a mom by then but when she wanted Darrow to prove himself, we also need her to prove herself to us because she walked out on that tunnel in Golden Son. And she did. What made me go real soft on Virginia is her conversation with Darrow’s mom and the way she cared for the Telemanuses so dearly. I love the big guys. They’re genuinely good people!

And so we go to the snowy country of the Obsidian. We came there thinking that Ragnar would talk sense to his mom and lead his own Obsidian army.

. But then that Aja bitch had to kill the good guy! I was so sad when they took the body to Sevro afterwards because he and Sevro had bonded overtime too and Ragnar had so many dreams and yet he died at peace. But then, just before he died, he said that he was planning to kill his mom!!!

The people at this Nors world is so primitive and old fashioned and it’s ironic because they’re so powerful and strong. I hated Ragnar’s mom right on sight. YOU KNOW? SERIOUSLY? So it’s her fault as much as the Golds. And this Sefi chick, I’m super scared of her. Like if she decided to throw a tantrum, we’re all screwed.

So Cassius spilled the beans of what the Jackal has and damn, he has an entire nuke house! All this time, I know that Jackal is a serious sociopath but I always have underestimated him. Like my main concern was always the Sovereign and he was like a Harmony to me. But dude, I AM WRONG. SCREW THE SOVEREIGN, WE NEED TO KILL THIS SOCIOPATH. When Mustang was telling Darrow the maze story, I was cringing. I can’t blame him, he didn’t grow up with the Telemanuses. BUT SERIOUSLY, NUTS, THIS GUY WAS NUTS.

And we had a little reunion with Roque. To be honest, I was so angry with Roque in Golden Son and the first part of Morning Star because first, well, it just seemed to me that he’s showing off that he’s better than Darrow at this war things. Okay, maybe he is, but he WAS a friend and he’s just rubbing it in our faces. Way to go Super Douche. And lastly, he’s so angry at Darrow for letting Quin die. And pay attention, Darrow didn’t kill Quin. Fine, he may be at fault for why she died BUT, guess who is in his f***ing right hand? THAT’S RIGHT! ANTONIA, A.K.A. THE ONE WHO MURDERED LEA HIS EX GIRLFRIEND! See??? He’s lost his spine! Like really Roque?

I was really glad that we slayed that negotiation in Io. Because I really don’t wanna lose to Roque. Call it pride, whatever. He just felt like an ex boyfriend and Darrow and him are arguing about who has the prettiest rebound. So yeah, in the end. I was less annoyed by Roque and I pity the guy his pride and “honor”. Lucky him, Darrow never really hated him, he actually wants to be accepted by Roque. He’s kind of like seeking his approval in the end. Poor guy.

Let’s talk about the shit that went down in the Colossus / Morning Star.  Wow. Just wow. I had goosebumps reading those consecutive chapters. I trust Darrow. I know he has a plan. But I’m like: ARE YOU SURE? YOU REALLY WANT TO DO THAT? I mean, every engine is going down. It didn’t only seem that we’re gonna lose, WE’RE GONNA DIE! And Darrow’s not exactly reassuring, you know? He keeps babbling on that Roque is so smart, Roque knows him so well, there’s no shame in abandoning ship and stuff like that and I’m just calming myself down, thinking: “he has got to have a plan.” “he’s a smart guy.”

One thing that I love about Reaper is that he’s unexpected. Very unpredictable. And when I learned that the Pax was the bait and we’re doing the dead horse strategy again. I just went nuts and punched the air mumbling gibberish. IT WAS SO GOOD. SO SMART. Adrenaline was just running through my veins when they revealed the claw drills driven by the helldivers. LIKE UGH, WE KICK ASS. And then when he said that he’s going to be on the Reaper mode and if Eo’s watching, she better close her eyes, I was like “OMG LEZ DO THIS, I LOVE REAPER MODE.” And we slayed and just became a killing machine! But that didn’t stop there, Darrow just won but he didn’t broadcast that little fact and just straight out bombed Ganymede as Roque. It’s like a preventive mastectomy. Those chapters… SO AMAZING. The only downside was that to destroy Ganymede, they had to let Antonia get away.

And then it was awesome and nice and fuzzy and everyone was glowing with the victory, having defeated the undefeated. Of course, Jackal has to kill the mood by killing Uncle Narol. Somehow he knew the best way to destroy this rising was to destroy it from the inside, like Darrow’s strategy on destroying the Society, civil war. I was just. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NOOOOOOO. Narol died like a week before they watched the video having cut off the com lines. But that’s not the worst of it, F****ING SEFI AND THE REDS ARE. They had the nerve to lash out at these Golds, while Darrow, the nephew, the one tortured by the Jackal for a year, was trying to be logical about all of this. SERIOUSLY. CALM YOUR ASSES DOWN.

This was also the point where Cassius and Darrow were casually talking things out and started being kinda civil towards each other again. And I’m liking Cassius now. I really hoped in the 1st book that we mend things and we were mending things now. They’re practically even. So I was crossing my fingers and chanting, “don’t let the Bellona die, don’t let the Bellona die, don’t let the Bellona die.” They were about to remove his tongue! And so Sevro pulled his stunt.

And Victra went berserk! Because she dumped him not like a week ago. I was going berserk too because Darrow is not moving! He was calming Victra down! And no one was cutting the rope! And so Sefi calmed down a little bit and cut the rope down but not after she united all the Obsidians. As if we need another reason to be scared of her.

I loved that moment when Sevro just came out of the doctor’s office and he and Darrow was having a contest of who has the most painful experience. It  was just so funny!

“I almost broke my neck,” Sevro complains

“Been there, done that. At least you didn’t have to get whipped”

“I’d rather have been whipped,” he mutters, wincing as he tries to turn his neck. “Be better than this.”

“Not being whipped by Pax,”I reply.

“I saw the video, he wasn’t swinging that hard.”

“Have you ever been whipped? Did you see my back?”

“You see my bloodydamn eye at the Institute? Jackal had it plucked out with a knife, didn’t see me whining.”

And so Darrow wins by bringing up having to be Carved twice. And it was just a super funny exchange between them. 😂😂😂 And then Victra enters and you can practically hear a Taylor Swift song play in the background. Because sure as shit, they’ll be getting back together. And so Mustang and Darrow talks outside and the lovey-dovey couple went out of the room just grinning like maniacs. And Sevro announces that Victra proposed and they’re getting married. I was half smiling half laughing the whole time because they look like an awkward couple but it’s so adorable.

That was a nice turn of events and the following chapters where we had the wedding and Sevro was having cold feet. “Is this a good idea? It seemed like a good idea yesterday.”😂😂😂. And so Darrow said that when he married Eo, he threw up and that calmed Sevro a little but the whole ceremony was a break to all the war and fighting and it was funny that Sevro had to tiptoe to kiss Victra and just… The feels. I loved this scene so much. ❤

And as per tradition, Jackal had to kill the mood. Not only he was scary, but he also has spies inside. And that makes him scary like 200 notches up. Jackal’s food is information and they had unlimited of that inside the Morning Star. And while Jackal and Reap was talking, Mustang intervened and told his twin how loved he was. BUT NO. I’M NOT FALLING FOR THIS TRAP AGAIN. I WON’T FEEL SORRY FOR THE DUDE.

So we had this whole crazy plan that they’re misleading Jackal to attack on Mars but they’re heading for Luna instead. Everything’s going well and I’m expecting the battle of the century. And said to myself. Oh, we’re gonna kick ass and kill the Sovereign. And we didn’t know that Darrow intends to let Cassius “go” because he’s gonna be “killed” if they attack and left Cassius on board. THIS IS WHERE THE SHIT STORM BEGAN.

So I was really feeling soft towards Cassius while Antonia is screaming on the other cell and I’m patting Cassius on the shoulder for sucking it up and then he shakes Sevro’s hand and flipped him and BAM, HE SHOT SEVRO ONCE AND THEN 6 MORE FREAKING TIMES AND I’M JUST SCREAMING ON THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. I wasn’t even crying yet. I was just so angry and so shocked by what just happened. I don’t what to do. I thought he’s gonna get up, you know. Cause he was fighting it. And then I lost it when Darrow said that Sevro went still. And curses I didn’t even know existed came out of my mouth for 5 minutes straight. I was thinking of Victra. Poor Victra, super early into widowhood. I closed the book then and walked out.

2 hours later, I sucked it up. I asked myself “what’s the worst that could still happen? Sevro’s dead.” And I’m just raging with hate for Cassius. HONOR? YOU SAY HONOR? I swear every time his name pops, I flip him the bird. I was so mad. And then he freed Antonia, which is like the runner up for the things he did that I hated.

Now… I didn’t notice this at the time, I was consumed by Sevro’s “death”, but during all of this, Darrow had been focused and narrating with clarity. Not something someone would do if his best friend just died. His feelings weren’t described, everything just moved on with the narration. Mustang too. I know, she and Sevro weren’t as close as Darrow x Sevro but they’ve bonded and she would’ve been a little concerned and thrown off. But she wasn’t.

And the last thing that made me really panic about all this is: there are like 3 chapters left. And I’m like: “F***, we’re in deep shit.” HOW THE F IS THIS GONNA END??? WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO FIX ANYTHING!!! I was really stressed on how it’s gonna end. I even started questioning my taste in books because I didn’t think there was a way that this could end good. I didn’t think that it was all in the plan because mostly I was thinking, Sevro wouldn’t be dead in the plan!

And they cut off Darrow’s hand and I’m super sad because Reaper’s not going to be able to reap without the sword hand and then they we’re all facing each other in a room. All the baddies plus Lysander. And right there, things go from bad to worst. We learned that we can’t fight, surely we’re going to lose because the Jackal knew all along that they never meant to step foot on Mars.

And the only consolation here was Antonia was beheaded for being a two-faced bitch. I’m only sad that it wasn’t Victra who did it, because she deserved the killing blow!

So the Sovereign ordered his death and when the gun should’ve killed him…  IT DIDN’T! I thought this was just a lucky coincidence. And then Cassius skewered the praetor in front of him and saved Darrow. Right here, I thought, he just changed alliance, but then he said:  “how’s my acting?” MY EYES WIDEN AND MY JAW DROPPED. WHOA. HE PLANNED THIS? But I’m still not convinced by Cassius, Sevro’s still dead. But Mustang, Darrow and him was like the dream team. Events became a blur and the next thing I know, Darrow stabbed the Sovereign 6 times in the stomach the number of stabs it took to take down Ragnar. Clearly he did this to infuriate Aja.

So Cassius threw Darrow a syringe and I knew what was coming. Snakebite.

Sevro is back in the game. And I want to cry blood for ever doubting Cassius. And only Sevro could come back in such a funny fashion.


“You’re bleeding, Darrow! You’re bleeding!”

“I know.”

“Where’s your hand? You’re missing a f***ing hand!”

“I know!”

So hilarious!

Aja couldn’t be brought down, IT WAS SO LONG BEFORE THEY ALL TEAMED UP ON Her AND THEY FINALLY PINNED HER DOWN. It was the most satisfying death I had ever seen. I was screaming, YEAH DARROW KILL THAT DEMON KILL THAT DEMON!!! I loved that he dedicate every stab to friends because they deserved it. And she deserved those stabs.

I was just feeling vindicated when the Jackal laughs. And I’m like “SHIT. Not this again.”

The jackal told them that nukes was never put in Mars but it’s all on Luna and on his beck and call Lilath the weirdo would detonate one. And the Jackal looked at Darrow like no matter what Reaper decides to do, he’s still winning. And after a long angry moment of silence, I LOVE WHAT DARROW DECIDED TO DO NEXT. HE PACED THERE AND PUNCHED THE JACKAL IN THE FACE AND WITH THE FLICK OF HIS FINGER, BOOM. THE JACKAL IS TONGUELESS. So poor him, how would he tell Lilath to detonate a bomb?

So we got help from the Ash Lord and we defeated Jackal’s bone riders. And Mustang ascended to sovereignty with grace and poise that is kinda scary.

For the next few paragraphs, Darrow narrated what happened after Mustang got the scepter. And I agree on their decision that it should be her and not Darrow holding it. Because they’re not turning the tide for just another tyranny, they did all of these for justice and equality. That doesn’t mean we enslave the Golds. And Mustang would know exactly how to gently dissolve the colors. Not like in The Selection where they just disbanded the castes in one click. 20 years later, the people are still not happy. Mustang avoided all of those by doing everything without haste. Sure, it’ll be a long time to fix the Society, but it would effectively work.

There would no doubt be another company trying to dismantle this, say, Harmony’s squad? Which we didn’t have time to squish. And other Golds who will want more power and maybe that’s what we’ll read on the next book. But just like Juliette Ferrars said in Ignite Me: “I can’t wait and see them try.”

So now, Chapter 65. They went to “Barbados” and I was excited cause this is their moment to focus on them and be chill. So when Darrow asked “Are we expecting company?” I WAS HYSTERICAL. OH GOD, SHE’S PREGGERS. And that explained all the hesitation she kept up and inspecting Darrow every move he does. And Darrow admits to having noticed this and I was thinking: “GIRL, YOU DEAD! YOU PREGNANT AND YOU WENT TO FIGHT? DARROW WILL BE MAD. MAAAAAD.” But then the Telemanuses and his mom came out with a blonde child and I WAS IN TEARS. AWW HE’S ALREADY A DAD! FOR A YEAR! AND HIS NAME IS PAX! I loved that ending as well as the epilogue, but it could’ve been longer, you know. Not that I’m complaining but. MORE PAX x DARROW MOMENTS PLEASE.

I can’t wait for the next book.

I give this book 100/100 simply for just giving me all the emotions in the world and disregarding everything else. I love love love love it. SOOOO MUCH.

So that’s my discussion for Morning Star by Pierce Brown! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and thanks for reading this long ass discussion. Goodbye and share the feels!


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