Let’s Talk About: Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Before we start talking about things, I want you to know that this discussion would be shorter than my Red Rising book talk because I really need and want to finish this series ASAP. Not because I’m pressured to finish it because of the hype about the last book but 18966819because I finally know what the freaking hype is all about!

You know you’re reading a good book if it brings out the emotions in you. AND BOY, emotions flooded my system the entire time I’m reading Golden Son. Some of that emotion, I love. Some, I hate. But I think, everything was written, intentionally, to make me feel those things. SO GOOD JOB ON MAKING ME HATE YOU AND LOVE YOU, PIERCE.

I thought Red Rising is nuts. So what is Golden Son? Nutters? by 100x? GOD. The whole book was in full throttle from the beginning and just went straight supersonic in the end! Action scenes after action scenes after action scenes. I only stopped from reading when I had to sleep or tweet about it. So folks, stay away from my twitter if you haven’t read this book yet.

Since this is a sequel, I won’t provide any synopsis or introduction to the trilogy but click here to see my Red Rising discussion where I did put a synopsis.

I was super duper entertained from the 1st chapter until the last and I’m just loving this series so much. I really really recommend it to readers who love sci-fi and adventure!

Discussion with Spoiler

What, in the name of a potato, did just happen? I don’t know where to begin talking because I don’t even have notes so my memory would have to suffice and there is a lot to cover but this needs to be short.

The sooner I’m done with this, the sooner I can read Morning Star. So let’s hit it.

I had difficulties following some descriptions and visualizing some of the events that happened. Red Rising is more medieval while Golden Son is more galactic warfare-ish. Uhmm, like Ender’s Game kinda. And that’s where I think I got lost, in some technical terms but aside from that little concern, It was an easy flip from page to page.

I didn’t expect to open the curtains in a fight scene. I was just warming up for some serious jazz and I got thrown in a middle of a climax of a fight scene. I loved it. The pace, not the actual scene where we lost to a Bellona. I hoped last book that maybe we get to mend Darrow and Cassius’ friendship. Well, sh**. Fat chance.  😠

And the bad luck just kept raining on us after that. We didn’t just get fired, we got dumped and we were to be sold to the highest bidder. Wow, why don’t you just take his pride and sh** on it  and ask him to eat it? Because sure as hell, that would be less embarrassing. I’m not used to Darrow not showing everyone who’s the real boss.

The list of people I hate just grew longer. First, that manipulative Harmony bitch! What the hell was she thinking? I hated that she showed Darrow the footage because it filled him with anger. And instead on focusing on the goal, she made him hot headed and impulsive! And she enslaved Mickey. She was no better than the Golds. Next, Pliny, that old bastard. He destroyed Darrow’s reputation to make his pet look better. And what a two-faced ass he is! I love that scene when he died, killed by his own kind. His own kind who are spineless and goes wherever the wind blows. Well, Darrow just cut off the oxygen supply. And the last member on my hate list is Roque. He was a good guy, THAT’S WHAT HURT MOST.  And good lord, he decided to bitch out on times of war where even Darrow and Mustang can’t talk for 5 minutes.  I hope we get to have a revenge on this guy.

I actually thought the Jackal and Reaper would be friends. I know, I know. We all make mistakes, people. But so much for Darrow “not trusting but needing the Jackal”. I still hate the guy the same amount I hated him last time, because this sort of thing was to be expected from him. I am not surprised. At least, he killed his own father and Darrow didn’t so we don’t have to worry about Mustang holding a grudge against him.

Of course I have to mention the people that I like. Sevro is my front runner obviously! I KNEW HE WOULD STICK WITH DARROW NO MATTER WHAT! And he doesn’t patronize his ass. Please Pierce, give us this. Do not kill Sevro. We love the weirdo. Second, I loved the Telemanuses. Such Softies in giant bodies. It felt like Pax was still alive. And they’re really seemed legibly loyal. I also liked Ragnar, he feels like he’s Grey Worm from Game of Thrones.

Now, I’m just gonna enumerate the scenes which are very memorable to me. I wouldn’t say favorite but these scenes certainly raised my pulse rate 4 times than the normal.

  1. The gala. I really thought, he was gonna be sold! I was even betting on Lorn to buy him! Turns out he has a better plan, even better than Harmony’s, which I’m super happy that Darrow didn’t execute. Plus Darrow got to unmask the Sovereign in front of many families. And we didn’t die.
  2. When Darrow went to fetch Lorn au Arcos. And Tactus’s death. I hate that they seemed to have betrayed each other by not betraying each other. But I love Lorn, I hate that he’s dead and that the Jackal killed him. I really went weepy there and I don’t know how to feel about Tactus. He’s like an old boyfriend you keep giving a chance but messes up because of some dramatic back story. I just got confused on how I feel about him.
  3. The heart to heart talk of Sevro and Darrow. Man, I just cried so much in that scene. And when Darrow said “You are my friend.” I just lost it and crumpled up to pieces.
  4. The game of truth between Darrow and the Sovereign. HA! WE OUTWITTED HERE THERE! But I was just gritting my teeth the whole time because she might ask the right questions. The only thing is, she said that Darrow could have anything if he makes her lie. And he did, so he should have collected his prize or he should have reserved it. But that scene. So intense.
  5. And then, the whole climax of taking back Mars from the Bellona. It’s so amazing that Pierce could extend a climax that long and it could still give you goosebumps. I don’t know exactly how many chapters it was but it was FANTASTIC. From the landing to underwater passage, the part where he saves his fleet from drowning, I was scared Sevro’s gonna die. I cried in the part where he said, Always, Darrow. Always. And then the 15 km run. Just imagining it makes my lungs tired. I could barely survive 200 meter run and they did 15km! non stop! THESE PEOPLE ARE MACHINES. And of course, that plane scene. To top it all off, he was in his worst possible condition. At least, Karnus is dead. The whole time he’s in the plane I was just practicing breathing like a woman in labor! Because it’s freaking getting to my system.
  6. So Ares is Fitchner. Makes sense. Fitchner was the last person I would suspect of being Ares. At least I was right Ares being a Gold. But it all fits in, starting at the Institute, Sevro, EVERYTHING. He was so smart keeping a low profile.
  7. The scene where Darrow’s mom remembers him broke my tear dam. I was solidly crying for 3 minutes. Tears just wont stop. It was nice to have mom just know everything and still accept him. This is my favorite scene in the book. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. 😥

Now, the last pages of the book, let’s discuss.

WHAT DO WE FREAKING DO? EVERYTHING IS SCREWED UP ROYALLY. Lorn’s dead, Fitchner’s beheaded, Victra’s dead, Nero’s dead. Darrow is captured. FUDGE.

HOW THE EF DID THE JACKAL FOUND OUT? WAS IT SUN-HWA? Did he overhear their conversation?

The moment Darrow kinda recognized the Pink, I knew that he should’ve pulled her hair back and called security immediately. And Roque, HE WAS COLDER THAN ELSA. WHAT A RACIST!

I’ve never been so happy that Sevro and Mustang was away from Darrow. To say that I’m shocked is the understatement of the century. I never thought that Ares would be dead and beheaded! SERIOUSLY WHAT DO WE DO? WHAT HAPPENS? They won’t kill him but they know he’s a red so they will mock him and hurt him. MY BABY.

I’m sure that his remaining friends will rescue him but it can’t be middle or late in the next book! It has to be the in the early chapters because we need Darrow. I am scared and also super eager to read Morning Star. Please, let’s kill the Jackal and have Mustang wake up. And don’t let Harmony ruin anymore of our plans. Please don’t kill Darrow and Sevro and Mustang and the Telemanuses. JUST PLEASE. You killed Lorn and Pax, we can’t take anymore.

Like I said, I was super entertained and hyped while reading this book from the 1st word to the last. It gave me tears both good and bad which makes me hate that I love this series.  I give it 96/100.

That’s it for Golden Son by Pierce Brown! Share the feels!

And now lemme read Morning Star!


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