Let’s Talk About: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

Let’s just get these things rollin’, shall we?

I’m so excited to talk about ACOMAF, you guys! I liteA-Court-of-Mist-and-Fury-A-Court-of-Thorns-and-Roses-by-Sarah-J.-Maasrally can’t contain it! I was just looking at the mirror after I finished it and I’m speechless for about 10 seconds with my mouth just hanging open!


If you don’t know, A Court of Mist and Fury is the sequel to Sarah Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses, which I already have a discussion on this blog so you could just check that out to learn the details about this series because I don’t want to accidentally spoil you. BUT THIS SERIES IS CRAZY. GOOD CRAZY.

I don’t even want to talk to about the technicalities or the style in this book, I just want to talk about what the F has happened. But if you need something to pick this book up, Im’ma write it anyway.

By the way, the fact alone that this is written by Sarah Maas should make you pick it up. If you have read ACOTAR or Throne of Glass then you certainly wouldn’t want to miss this book because you know how good it can be. My point is, I don’t know how Sarah does it but she makes a hell of a fantasy book! The writing style is so incredible, it’s as if you can feel every emotion of the characters from kindness to blood lust. ESPECIALLY THE BLOOD LUST.  It was never, EVER, dragging. There’s literally no part in the book that I want to say “Oh that’s enough for today.” The way that she expanded the borders and boundaries in this world is amazing.  We didn’t really had the time to explore Prythian in ACOTAR but in this book we did that and more. There’s also a new batch of characters to watch out for and they’re all brilliantly created. What I also liked about this book is that personas of the different characters are revealed. It’s like she’s exploring every facet of the character that would likely manifest in the situation. Backstories are all around being revealed here and there. So in short, another favorite from Sarah Maas. Just a stunning and amazing sequel that topped the 1st book.Spoiler Section

I’m so excited for this book to come out so when it did, I devoured it. I love that it took me almost 3 days of reading non-stop to finish this book because it was so long! I LOVE LONG BOOKS AND I CAN’T DENY IT.  And every part of it was as juicy as a steak. I WANT MORE. I WANT THE NEXT BOOK SO BAD. But wait, I must.

So. Let’s begin sectioning this.

First off. Where we left at ACOTAR, that is pretty much dead end, a thing that made it so satisfying. All the beauty and the beast parts are covered already in that 1st book. And we defeated Amarantha, so personally, I have no idea where it’s going to go. All I could think of that they could possibly do is to rebuild Prythian, which doesn’t present much of a conflict for me, because I know it’s gonna be hard and long BUT it’s a given and not impossible. And then there’s Rhysand’s mate thing that he felt at the end of ACOTAR, but I don’t think Sarah is going to make this just a love story when the 1st book was an AMAZING FANTASY.  So I was really excited as to how it’s all going to come out.

In a way, it focused on Rhysand’s and Feyre’s romance. But I never thought that Amarantha isn’t  the BIGGIE. I mean the most-evil-of-all kind of sh**, Amarantha’s not it. And AMARANTHA IS EVIL AS HELL. And she was just a general in this effed up kingdom! When I read that part I was all “Sh** just got real.” Good thing that all our characters got their powers back because sure as hell, we’re gonna need it.

Speaking of powers, I was truly amazed and terrified of how powerful Rhys is. He is the most powerful High Lord to ever exist. I was never afraid of Rhysand. But on his powers… that’s a different story. When Tamlin removed his mask and just went straight for Amarantha’s throat, I thought he was ultimately powerful, but turns out Tamlin’s power is just a dot compared to Rhysand’s. I can’t comprehend how this being was born to be that powerful. Remember when Keir called Feyre a whore? OOOOH The darkness that enveloped the night court… I can’t.

But we also got to know Rhys better, so much better. We know that he won’t do anything evil unless for show. I was right when I said last discussion that Rhysand is a Warner (from Shatter Me). And I’m super glad that he is. The character development that Sarah Maas invested in Rhysand is A LOT. But I suppose it’s not a development if he’s always been that way. It’s his back story that completely changed our perspective of him. I mean, I knew deep down that Rhysand isn’t a baddie. He wouldn’t be “imprinting” on Feyre if he was. And I’ve got to admit, I shamelessly abandoned the Tamlin Ship for Rhysand about 2 chapters in.

Whatever happened under that mountain, it broke Tamlin. Before all the events that happened after Feyre’s return to Prythian, he was sweet and adorable. But now… He became this paranoid being that always worries but never for the right things to worry about. First chapter in and I know there’s something wrong. Feyre has these nightmares and Tamlin’s not there for Feyre. I know they’re both broken by what happened, especially Tamlin, he had been under the circumstance for 50 years but the least they could do was talk about it, be there for each other, and face the horrors together. But neither of them spoke about anything. Although, they had never been good in verbal communications anyway. The connection that they had went from #relationshipgoals to purely physical. And then it’s crumbling.

I was really sad to see how Tamlin turned out. I was in love with this guy last book and now there I see him being a douche maybe not intentionally but still… It ain’t a pretty sight but the more I think about it, it makes better sense that Feyre and Tamlin are not together after what happened under the mountain. You see, both of them are freshly broken from what Amarantha did to them so they’re clueless as to how to fix things emotionally. As for Rhys, he’s been waiting for the moment that Amarantha dies so when she finally did, he started healing and recovering somehow and that’s what Feyre needs, basically, a therapy.

As of now, I’m feeling pity towards Tamlin because he crossed a line unintentionally and Feyre’s going to crush him for it no doubt about that. Given how Feyre ended things between them, it’s partly her fault but COME ON. HE SOLD FEYRE OUT. That is so childish. And what really pissed me off is that Ianthe put Nesta and Elain in serious sh** and the course of action that he said he’s going to do is “make some things very very clear” as when Feyre wanted to fight with him, HE CAGED HER. Maybe Ianthe’s claws are in his mind, I don’t know. But Lucien isn’t fooled and I’m glad ’cause I still like Lucien.

Speaking of Ianthe, I HATE THAT BITCH. I hated her early in the beginning chapters because she’s clearly a hoe. And then I hated her for touching Rhys’s nuts and then I am boiling with rage when she sold Nesta and Elain to the King of Hybern! And she’s not even there and all I wanted for Feyre to do is winnow out of that palace and gouge out the eyes of that bitch. My question is, WHY DOES TAMLIN LISTEN TO HER? I think she’s put him under some spell or Tamlin’s completely gone mad.

I’m not shocked that Tamlin proposed to Feyre, I even find it kinda romantic BUT maybe after engagement they could fix their emotional liabilities and then fix the world TOGETHER and get married. But Tamlin wants to have this wedding now! THEY ARE BOTH FRAGILE.  And please! Ianthe as a priestess? PUH-LEASE! And Feyre should at least have a say in this wedding. She thinks the gown’s ridiculous and she hates red. Both those things appear in the wedding plus a groom who’s not  exactly in the proper state of mind. SURE, ANY BRIDE WOULD HAVE ICE COLD FEET.

The whole time Feyre’s walking the isle, I was just repeating to myself “where’s Rhysand? where’s Rhysand? WHERE THE HELL IS RHYSAND?” We definitely needed his intervention. Clearly. Because we have to get this bargain rollin’. Last discussion I told you I was curious of how everything works in the Night Court (and all the other courts) and we have to go there to find out all these things. And we are granted information. So, to my understanding, there are two types of Courts: the Solar Courts (Night, Day, Dawn) and the Seasonal Courts (Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter). The solar courts experience all times of the day but, I guess, prettier in their respective courts. For example, Night Court is prettiest at night. As for the Seasonal Courts, they go through these times of the days too but they’re stuck on their respective seasons. I wonder if the Solar courts experience varying seasons? If they don’t, what season is permanent to them?

I’m pleasantly surprised in the visuals in the Night Court. It’s definitely not the haunted town I was expecting from the last book. Well, the other characters said last time that the Night Court “is dark and full of terrors” and monsters and bad people but apparently they’re only describing the court of nightmares. But of course, we’re rebuilding Rhys’s image, so we have to have a pretty court. And TADA! Velaris, people! I like the way it rolls on the tongue. Velaris. Kinda sounds like Valar Morhgulis… I’m amazed that they get to hide this city to everyone for so long. In a way, Prythian is a secret world to the humans ’cause they never entered it. So it’s like having a secret city in a secret world. Amazing. And Velaris is just incredibly beautifully described and I fell in love with the Night Court.

Can we talk about Night Court fashion for a second? While Spring Court’s all about gowns and dresses, well, Night Court is all modern day fashion. I was slightly and pleasantly surprised when I read that Feyre’s wearing a crop-top and a high-wait bottoms. LIKE UGH, WE VOGUE-ING. And then when she was in the cabin before Rhysand came, she said that she was wearing a sweater that falls mid thigh and leggings and socks! I could definitely wear that outfit like in a normal day and not Halloween. So maybe it kinda looks like this?

ba53519319bb3746a6f17df4bfee96a1Not bad eh? supah comfy!

Since we’re talking ’bout Night Court already, let’s talk about this Night Court Squad. I look at Rhys and his squad and I see Friends. I mean, I could place which character is which. Phoebe is Amren cause she’s slightly weird, Monica is Morrigan which would relate her to  Ross who would be Rhysand and Rachel would be Feyre and Azriel is slightly broody and he’s got a thing with Mor so he’s Chandler and Cassian, the ever hyper and happy, is Joey!  Yup, I’ve put a lot of thoughts in this 😂I love everyone. I love the boys and I adore the girls. But Mor and Cassian are my favorite in Rhys’s squad. I hate how harsh their back stories are but I love that even after that they still managed to be humorous beings. I’m really excited as to where Maas is going to lead these characters. I’m also excited how Maas is going to develop other characters’ romance story line because I smell a spark in Cassian and Nesta, specially now that Nesta’s a faery. And we haven’t seen her develop other romantic plot lines yet from the side characters except from (SPOILER FOR QUEEN OF SHADOWS ) Chaol and Nesryn *end of spoiler* and that wasn’t as spectacular as the main romantic interest in the book. So we’ll see how she does that next book.

Since we’re now speaking of romance, I have a few questions on this Mate thing. Rhysand felt a “blow” when he recognized the bond between him and Feyre last book but Feyre felt nothing and was kinda oblivious about this fact until the Suriel told her. So is this recognition limited to the male population only? And the females are just supposed to accept this bond? I don’t know. I’m just curious.

On this book we have such good people on our arsenal and we are powerful but we didn’t have the trademark Sarah Maas blood bath yet just like in book 1 and in Queen of Shadows where I literally grind my together in kickassery. HOWEVER, what we got here was mostly near death experiences and some blood bath there in Velaris. As much as I love the lovey dovey bits of the book, I like the action scenes too. I love that scene where Feyre gets Rhys’s family ring and she be like Santa Claus in that chimney bashing the creepy old weaver with a brick. I held my breath when they went to the summer court to get that book and she and Amren was about to die. But my favorite scene was when there was an attack on Velaris and SHE JUST KICKED GLORIOUS ASSES. Ugh! When she was stabbing that Attor, I’m just like “YEAH YOU DESERVED THAT YOU BEAST!”. I was just a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to kick the King of Hybern in the nuts at the last chapters ’cause I really thought that our squad is making them pay for it. So maybe that’s why I’m a bit disappointed but that means we get to kick those in the next book, right?  Just a side note: we have never seen Rhysand in battle. Like actively fighting. AND I WANT TO SEE THAT BADLY. I WANT HIM TO SHOW THEM WHO’S THE REAL BOSS. I want to see Rhysand and Feyre back to back in combat. Please.

I have mixed feelings toward Tarquin. But he’s leaning into my good side for now. I know he’s a great dude ’cause Rhys is upset that we pissed him off. And we have to have this guy on our side in the war, because obviously we lost Spring Court.

It was very wrong that Feyre broke up with Tamlin over a letter. I knew that he would be nuts about it. And it’s not like she’s just off to “find herself”, she’s with Rhysand and Tamlin has all the reason to be jealous although for in her defense, Rhys is her mate. And that is all the explanation we need. But still, she should have confronted him face to face. She should have given him a CLOSURE to tie loose ends. But she didn’t and Tamlin did the unforgivable aside from locking her up. So Feyre’s already digging his grave and he gets to be an active participant in the grave digging.

Even though iIm SUPER annoyed, irritated and agitated at Tamlin, I don’t hate him. Yet. Because I can see how every piece of this looks in his eyes. As well as Lucien’s eyes. They think Rhys is bad and Feyre refuses to  yield to them, siding with Rhys, so it really looks like Feyre joined the weirdest and creepiest cult and spreading the word like Jesus. HOWEVER, Tamlin? Seriously? YOU FREAKING SOLD THEM TO THE KING OF HYBERN. YOU’RE A TRAITOR. I also think he’s gone mad. He thinks the human realms are stupid and the wall is stupid. Didn’t he remember that Feyre came from the human realms?

As for Lucien, I can feel him. He’s been friends longer with Tamlin and it’s really not his call. Even though he could’ve done something and he chose not to. He loves Tamlin way too much. He endures his wrong choices and he endures Ianthe. For Tamlin. Yes, he’s friends with Feyre, but at the end of the day he and Tamlin goes way back and he’s very loyal friend. Dicks before chicks, right? it’s written in the bro code.

Let’s talk about this ship. Feysand? Rhysre? Feyrhys? Nothing works with the ship names but the ship itself.

I can’t even express how adorable this tandem is. It’s just so cute and funny. I can’t help but compare it to Feyre and Tamlin’s flirtatious stage. From what I can remember it was really romantic and fairy tale like. Tamlin makes these prince charming gestures and stuff and he completely swept our feet off. And it was magical. The lake, the painting and other stuff. Plus he showers Feyre with attention, affection and nice things then.

As for Feyre and Rhysand. It was very light and comedic and naughty and dirty and absolutely very flirty. They tease each other like hell! The banter? I’m dying of off kilig and the smile I’m wearing will probably rip my face out.

It’s nice that it wasn’t instalove for Feyre (of course with the mate thing for Rhys it’s kinda instalove which is understable.). She took her time really knowing Rhys and bonding with him before unhooking the L bombs away. Of course, she’s attracted to him but she wanted it to be more than just that and there’s her breakup over text with Tamlin so she felt guilty over how she “ended” things up between them.

It started being adorable for me when she hit him in the head with her shoe and Rhys was shocked and confused and speechless. And she doesn’t know whether to kill herself or run for her life. And then when Feyre’s practicing her reading, I laughed out loud when she finally read what the sentence said. “’You look absolutely delicious today, Feyre’ that’s what you wrote?” and I’ve been laughing at every sentence since. There are so many inside jokes that they formed. And hell yeah, they got their own text message paper! AHAHAH. And of course, would I forget the wingspan theory of the Illyrians? And Rhys was like “BRING ON THEM MEASURING STICKS” I can’t even…

But as much as I like their banter, I gotta admit, the sexy scenes got me fanning myself with my hands. WHOO (that was me cooling my hormones down). What really got me going is 50% HOT DAMN IT WAS THAT RAW and the other 50% is that when they’re intimate they tend to say or do things that express that it’s more than just flirtation and more than just physical attraction.

Because from the start to 80% of the book we don’t get romance, not really. The author built the romantic as well as sexual tension while building Rhys’s backstory so when we’re so in love with him, we’re going to be frustrated and begging for the big words but she’s dropping little bombs along the way to keep us tethered to this ship. And when Feyre finally finds out about the mate bond, that was the last drop that made the dam explode together with my ovaries. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Team Rhysand is the winning team cause Mate? High Lady of the Night Court?

I also noticed that once they acknowledged the bond, Feyre couldn’t stop referring to Rhysand as her mate. Like every once in a very short while you’ll see the words my mate, which is kinda annoying sometimes but flattering all the same.

My favorite moments between them will be the night that Rhys told her everything on that secured house. When he said that her name was like an answer to a question he’s been asking for 500 years. And when he said all the sacrifices he made for everyone he’s ever cared for. I WAS BAWLING MY EYES OUT. And of course, the fun times with paint. Oh the fun times 😉 and then Starfall night when they got over their first unofficial LQ. And it was so so romantic and the simplest smile made the difference. And lastly, every time that they tease each other.

I’m really excited how the Archeron sisters are gonna go in Prythian. I said last discussion that Nesta would fit in this fae world so, we’ll see if that turns out to be true. As for the rest of the story, I don’t want to over theorize because I might ruin the experience for myself. But I AM BEYOND EXCITED FOR THE 3RD BOOK.  We need to slaughter this king of hybern. but I want to read about feyre’s mission impossible in the Spring Court.  I’m sure Lucien knows. I hope he sides with us. And of course I could never get enough Rhys and feyre moments, the challenge now is long distance texting but I know it’ll kick ass and be funny. I’m not hoping for Tamlin’s character to be redeemed at all on the next book. I just want to see Feyre be an awesome spy.

I really enjoyed this book. 5/5 stars. I had just the absolute adventure in reading this. I want it to go on and on and on forever. But wait we must.

Lemme know what you thought about A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas in the comments!

That’s it! Share the feels ! 😀



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