Let’s talk about: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

To say that this blog had been dormant is an understatement. So I only offer 2 explanations: 1)Crappy internet and 2) slow computer. That’s it.

Back to ACOTAR. Yep, that’s the acronym. 16096824And it’s freaking awesome. Just like the cover. How could you possibly go wrong with red?

I really enjoyed this book. I’m sure when I say that ACOTAR is one of my favorite books of 2015. The way the story goes on and builds is very strong that it’s impossible to put down. And I’m so in love with the setting and the characters. I’m really liking high fantasy these days… And also, let’s not forget about the fact that this is written by Sarah J. Maas. That alone should make you buy this book and bury your head in it.

I think ACOTAR and Throne of Glass is equally awesome. But I like ToG a little better. Well, to be fair, ToG is on it’s 3rd book and the 4th one is going to be realesed this upcoming September(ME SO EXCITED), as to ACOTAR, it just came out this year.  Though I like Feyre better than Celaena, she’s a little more tamed and far less violent in thoughts and in deed. We’ll see how it goes for the both series.

ACOTAR is about a human named Feyre (fay-ruh) and she’s a hunter and she accidentally kills a faery in the form of wolf, which is apparently illegal. So faced with the consequences of what she did, she was taken to the spring court to live the rest of her days with her captor, Tamlin. Her feelings for him grow but horrors from the faery land are growing too. As she discovers the source of those horrors, she realizes that it’s either face the terror or lose Tamlin forever. What happens next? READ.


When I chose to read this book, I have absolutely no idea what’s it about. That it’s a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I just discovered that for myself halfway through the novel, I think.  I also didn’t know that it’s a  new adult book so when I came across some sexy parts, I thought it was gonna be cut but it went on so I was slightly flabbergasted. I also didn’t expect that it would have a pronunciation guide at the end of the book. Because DAMN, the names are freaking hard to say! Honestly, Sarah, WHY?

I have a very movie like imagination. That first scene in the forest where she was hunting with bow and arrows? I remembered Katniss from the Catching Fire movie! Except without Jennifer Lawrence’s face. And also, winter like Game of Thrones winter. It was very dramatic in my mind.

I had a hard time putting up with Feyre’s family to be honest. Come on, guys! Don’t act like you’re still rich and swimming in money! You’re not! And the fact that they all rely on Feyre for everyday living makes me want Feyre to just snap and lose it right in their faces and watch the whole hovel (as Tamlin calls it) crumble to pieces.

I was so confused with this Treaty. Obviously it’s not that important, but I thought it was at first, so I was always seeking a clarification as to how specific it was and that sort of stuff. Why, you ask, I thought it was important? BECAUSE FEYRE IS CONTANTLY LOOKING FOR FREAKING LOOPHOLES. You see, I didn’t know it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling yet, so I thought she might actually find some. But honestly, you’re being fed, bathed and taken care of, you know that your family is fine and being obscenely rich as of the moment and your not a slave and they told you that it might be more dangerous escaping than staying, WHY, FEYRE, IS YOUR ASS STILL GETTING AWAY?

What got me really hooked was Chapter 4, the famous beast appearance. Tamlin was just like clawing at everything and I imagine him getting his beastly eyes big and nose flaring and snarling Luciano Pavaroti style. Meanwhile the whole family was pissing their pants in fear and Feyre was like, “My weapon is sleeping behind this beast! Shockers!” and she went totally still and just went with Tamlin. That was the point where I can’t stop reading

I thought the court thing was superb! The way there were 7 courts and High Lords. And the courts are named after seasons and times of the day, I thought that was really cool. So Spring Court is in perpetual state of Spring, right? Does that mean, there’s no morning in the Night Court. ‘Cause I’m really curious about night court. More on that later.

For me, I thought of Tamlin as the High Lord of Spring Court immediately. The moment I saw the manor, I thought that was a given. So when the Suriel said he was indeed High Lord and Feyre was shocked, I didn’t get it. Like, why are you so shocked? I thought you knew already. I, knowing that fact a little earlier than I’m supposed to, think the Suriel idea to escape is bull____. We didn’t learn anything we didn’t already know, did we? Actually we did! We learned how freaking dangerous it is in the freaking forest! Thank you nagas, for that lesson.

I was the one embarrassed for Feyre when she found out about the other faeries in the house. All this time, I imagined her being on tiptoes and sneaking glances here and there if anyone’s looking only to find out that everyone is looking. I also loved her relationship with Alis and Lucien. It’s rather cute and endearing, like a slightly mother and brother figure for her. I actually thought that at the 3rd trial it was Alis and her nephews so I was really scared.

Aside from the Suriel situation, you know what else was stupid? THE FACT THAT 3 DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE TAMLIN SENT HER HOME. I cannot believe you just did that, Tamlin. You waited 49 freaking years for someone to qualify the stupid requirements and you couldn’t wait 3 days, in case you didn’t catch that, 3 DAYS FOR HER TO SAY I LOVE YOU. I get it, you don’t want her harmed. But maybe if you waited for her to say I love you in that 3 days, you get your powers back and kill this Amarantha bitch, yourself. EVERYONE WINS. As for Feyre, why couldn’t you just say it back! You know it’s true, he said it twice, and he knows it too, so why, Feyre, couldn’t you say I. Love. You?

So Amarantha. I refer to her as this story’s Levana (from Cinder) ’cause I spend most of my time pronouncing her name as Aramantha, and I said “that’s it. You’re Levana”. I watched polandbananas’ book talk about ACOTAR and she was saying Amantha the whole time, so I felt better about me calling her Aramantha. Amarantha is like Levana, you see. Only, she’s more wretched and more vicious and full of blood lust. I can’t say who’s more evil but they’re definitely wicked. As a reader, I put myself in the character’s shoes. So as Feyre, I hate Amarantha. I really do. But now that I finished it and stepped out of Feyre’s shoes, I can see now that Amarantha’s character is so strongly built, history of hatred to humans and all (OOHHH ALLITERATIONS ). Her character was so beautifully made evil and marred by Sarah J Maas.

You think that Feyre is really good at finding loopholes at the moment she arrived under the mountain, and she really is. She noticed that instantaneously from the riddle and the 3 trials. So why didn’t she blurt it out right away? Feyre, you need some serious speech therapy.

I think the trial with the worm was awesome. Remember Celaena with beasts? Also Feyre with worms, GINORMOUS WORMS. But the riddle solving, where she almost died? Feyre, please go to the nearest tutor center after this. Cause she spent a long time in the manor swimming in her pride and did not learn how to read! Tamlin insisted at least twice and she didn’t wear her big girl pants! The third one was just genius. I mean, I thought that stone heart was just a metaphor! Turns out, they meant it literally.

That riddle? She could’ve solved that right after it was given to her, honestly.


Now,the ships.

I’m team Tamlin for now. But if something epic happened between Rhysand and Feyre at the Night Court on that 1 week a month, I’m willing to abandon ship. ‘Cause Rhysand is BAE. Why Sarah, are you doing this to us? Give us hot men and make them sad and single. WHY? WHY? WHY?  Looks to me, Rhysand here, is a Warner (from Shatter Me).  BUT AT THE SAME TIME HE DRUGGED HER. And that, for me, in any way was like the borderline of romance. BUT…

I didn’t notice this fact until polandbananas’ stated it. Rhysand made Feyre his mate! It was mentioned earlier in the books. And I didn’t notice that in the end where Rhysand stumbled and disappeared right away. HE JUST MADE HER HIS MATE. Meaning, if they didn’t end up together, Rhysand will be so devastated. AND I’M STARTING TO LIKE RHYSAND. OR MAYBE HE DIDN’T MADE HER HIS MATE, WE JUST READ TOO DEEP INTO THAT.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Tamlin too. The courting part of the book? I LOVED THAT. I LOVE TAMLIN. The starlight pond, the dirty poetry, the summer solstice, the art gallery, the stammering when he talks to her, the passionate and dirty Calanmai, I MEAN THAT WAS SO ALPHA MALE. It was a rather unorthodox(understatement, it was a faery sex party!) way of welcoming spring. I mean their relationship was so adorable! Except for the sexy part. BUT IT WAS SOOO SOOOO CUTE. And he even made her a faery!

But it makes me wonder, will Tamlin be able to make Feyre his mate? ‘Cause it will complicate things if he didn’t. And now that Feyre’s a faery, will she be making Tamlin her mate? It’s not like it’s voluntary. It’s actually scary if they didn’t. And Tamlin has had many lovers according to him, so now that this curse is lifted and he’s not pressured to fall in love with Feyre and Feyre with him, could their romance last?

Change topic, I think Nesta’s going to Prythian somewhere in the second book. I hope so! Because she had been a bad bitch on those first 3 chapters and it’s time now for her to support Feyre in Prythian! And Nesta’s really tough, I mean, she saw through the glamour! So Prythian will suite her indeed.

Well, that’s it, guys. I really had fun and adventure reading this awesome book. I can’t wait for the next one to come out and finally choose my permanent ship and WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NOW? The beauty and the beast part is over!

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