Let’s talk about: Game of Thrones, PART 2 with JM Danganan

SEASON 3 by Szarina Dayle Navarro

Season 3 was my least favorite season. Why, you say? Well first, Tyrion just got demoted after winning spectacularly at the war and was currently being bullied by her sister and Grand Maester Pycell. Next, Sansa, I think had caught Peter Baelish’s attention. And you know how I feel about Lord Baelish. And that Lady Melissandre redhead was brainwashing everyone about this Lord of Light. And to top it all off, only two words. RED WEDDING, need I say more?

Only Daenerys seems to be getting better. Buying off the unsullied like their candies and stuff. Don’t you think it’s odd that when Daenerys is on the spirits, other characters seems to be cursed by some unknown force? I mean, she’s getting stronger now, especially with Sir Barristan with her but why she couldn’t escape that purple-mouthed warlock, I don’t know. And I also think it’s going to appear in season 5

The story seems more twisted and twisted this time. Only making things worse than ever. The Character developments were certainly there but it’s overshadowed by DARK events that happened all throughout the season. And there are just so many characters to hate! It’s making my chest hurt with anger and pain!

Margaery seems like a good fella but… Nah. Still don’t trust her. Yet. Why should I? She knows what an animal Joffrey is and she seems alright with the idea of marrying him. No sane girl would do that. And besides she wanted to have a “groupie” with Renly and Loras! So I think she needs to go to a shrink.

Season 3 is a lot to take in some ways. I’ve hated Theon in season 2 and I think he deserves to die. But tortured? I don’t think so. And when he started to really regret things and confide into this Ramsay bastard, I started feeling soft for Theon. And then the psychopaths came along and castrated the poor guy and make him stand on that cross like Jesus. Well now, he couldn’t boast of his sexpertise, could he?

I loved Shae in season 3! In the way that she’s acting? She sure sounds like a Lion! That line she said “You have shit memory!” I was in hysterical laughter and awe for the love that Tyrion found in her! And she also seems to be caring for Sansa so much!

I don’t hate these Mance Raider and his dudes! They’re actually growing on me!I understand they just want to be safe from the white walkers from the north. And what do you know? Jon Snow, who knows nothing, got himself a girlfriend! A pretty one, in fact! I was liking Sam more and more throughout the series because he’s getting braver and tougher and smarter too! Compared to what he was? He was like superman now!

I liked Osha, a lot, smart woman, really and cares for everyone even Hodor and the dire wolves. I wish she wouldn’t always pounce on Jojen’s sister though! Speaking of Jojen… I love Jojen!!! Because he was Newt from the Maze Runner and I’ve read that before I’ve watched GoT. He kind of guides Bran on his warging gifts but the road to the north where he keeps leading them on is starting scare me. I mean, the wildlings are leaving it for some serious reason, aren’t they?

And then Robb’s gramps died and they went to see some relatives from Riverrun which kept them from the battlefield which is so not good especially when you have enemies as cunning as the Lannisters.  Arya on the other hand is still with her friends Gendry and that fat boy and came to a church or something of the Lord of Light. And surprise, surprise, she met the readhead b*tch! And she ended up with hound. But that’s okay. I love Hound.

Joffrey made me even hate him more in this season. I don’t know how’s that happened because the last time I checked my gauge for hating Joffrey was at its peak, right now it must be flowing. And boiling. Okay, I understand he’s kinda sadistic (UNDERSTATEMENT). But when I saw the girls enter his room? Oh my gosh, I thought I was watching Fifty Shades of Grey. I FEEL REALLY BAD FOR THOSE GIRLS. That’s a freaking torch he wanted to hit the girls’ butt with. Christian Grey would’ve been so proud. AND SO SCARED TOO.

I felt that it was a really bad idea to ditch that bridge old guy! I actually thought that it would be that easy to let go of that broken promise. But of course it’s never that way for the old creeptastic! And he just got to murder every stark he sees! I was so sad at that point where even Robb’s wolf was used to humiliate his dead body. And everyone just showered him arrows and his mom, Cat, was forced to kill that girl and the old man didn’t even care! I just freaking hate the red wedding. Up to now it made me really emotional and hateful of the Boltons and Bridge guys. I was so glad Hound was there to get Aria out of the way. She would’ve been dead too.

If the directors thought for one second that Daenerys’ victory over that bastard in Astapor and her freeing slaves and being the breaker of chains and growing awesome dragons is going to make up for what they did at the red wedding, well, they’re right. Kinda… But I still felt bad for everyone.

Now that Robb’s army’s done, My only bet would be for the Targaryens. Because there’s no way I’m supporting that Stannis! Not while he’s under the witch’s spell.

I’m sure I left so much many more details from season 3 but I was kind of doing this only from the memory so please forgive that. I hope you did relate to how I felt and just like me was craving for more. If yes, well then in that case I’ll hand you over to JM!

SEASON 4 by JM Danganan


Can I just say how awesome this season was?! I mean,jm it has everything in it! The shock-and-awe moments, the piss-off-I-hope-you-die-next-season raves to the characters, dramatic scenes, sexy scenes (it’s a relief that the sex scenes in this season are less than the recent seasons), gory scenes, you name it, it’s got it! Oh, and also, extensive number of character deaths. So don’t read along if you don’t want to be spoiled. *winks*

Personally, Season 4 was my favorite among the other three seasons, so far. Unlike the previous ones, Season 4 has the most intensity going into it. My only problem watching was that I always forget which character is which. There are so many characters that I often mistake them to another. Therefore, I end up searching their names on Google. (Without having to see some spoilers, of course. XD

As usual, we get to hate and love some of the characters, so here are my opinions to some of the characters in Season 4:

Let’s start with the head of the Lannisters, Tywin Lannister. I never liked Tywin since he showed up. I hate him because he hates Tyrion. Hated him more about what he did to Tyrion’s first wife. And, how could a father wish his son dead just because he’s a dwarf?! Yes, he’s a very effective and powerful leader, but one thing he’s not good at is how to be a good dad. I was so happy when Tyrion killed him when he was pooping!

The same hate goes to Cersei Lannister. Well, no one likes her since! She’s a very manipulative queen. I was so pissed when she seduced her COUSIN, Lancel Lannister, to do IT when her brother/lover Jaime was gone. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING HAVING A DOUBLE INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP?! Seriously, what is it with her and her incestuous endeavors? And also, I claim it that she’s the one responsible for Ned Stark’s death. And also for Bran Stark’s attempted murder. Because, who would make love to his brother in a place where one might see? Can’t you do your canoodling at King’s Landing?

If there’s a b*tch mom, there’s also a b*tch son. Hello, King Joffrey Baratheon! Or should I say, Joffrey LANNISTER. He’s even worse than his grandfather! Even the word “worse” can’t cover up his character! I mean, there’s not an episode where I don’t get mad at him. He’s a spoiled brat, vicious idiot of a king (according to Tyrion the most awesome Lannister!), disrespectful fiancé, and a complete a-hole! He made Sansa look at his father’s severed head; he’s responsible for the murders of the late King Robert Baratheon’s bastard children, Ned Stark’s death and the list goes on forever. Oops, not forever, if you know what I mean! *winks* It was such a happy sight when he choked to death from the poison he drank! All the bullying he’s done to the people…all avenged! Though he deserved a more brutal death. But can we just take a moment to acknowledge how effective and great Jack Gleeson’s acting is! I mean, we wouldn’t hate Joffrey to the highest extent if not for Jack!

Let’s stop hating for a while, let’s have some time to love Jaime Lannister! His character got so much better in Season 4. Unlike in Season 1, where he’s such a bastard! In Season 4, we get to see his soft sides thanks to the Starks who captured him and to Brienne of Tarth. I ship Brienne and Jaime, really, because they get along so well and their conversations are funny. The part where my bad opinions about him changed when he saved his brother, Tyrion, and let him escape to King’s Landing because he was sentenced to death FOR KILLING JOFFREY. As if he’s the one who really killed the idiot king. Anyway, that part really melted my heart. I never thought he has the love for Tyrion. And then when he hugged Tyrion, I was like, “Awwwwwww… Seems like your capture and your amputation has done you a lot of good. I just hope you’re not going to end up dead.”

Let’s move on to the most loved Lannister, Tyrion! He’s the only person who can slap Joffrey as much as he wants! Tyrion’s probably the most-loved character in Game of Thrones. Tyrion’s the best character ever. This argument is done.

Arya Stark is also one of my favorite characters. Arya is a very strong-willed girl and a kickass one! Her experiences made her personality stronger and braver. I hope in the next season she gets to avenge her family and kick some asses!

Prince Oberyn Martell… the epitome of hubris, and a man with a weird gender preference. I was so happy when he volunteered to be Tyrion’s champion, because he might save his life. His fight with the Mountain was the most disturbing, FRUSTRATING, and shocking moments of all time! I was thrilled when he skewered the Mountain with his spear because “WAAAAH HE’S DYING YES TYRION’S SAVED!” AND THEN HE DID A FREAKING GRAND MONOLOGUE. Mind you, his enemy is not yet dead. Still dying. So while the prince was coaxing the Mountain to confess about what he did to Elia Martell, the Mountain used the moment to KILL HIM AND CRUSHED PRINCE OBERYN’S HEAD LIKE A MELON! I lost faith in Tyrion’s salvation! I WAS FRUSTRATED! But anyway, I wish he lived longer so we get to know him more.

And I saved the best for last! Hail to the rightful queen of Westeros, Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, and the list of kickass titles goes on! This woman has the strongest personality and the biggest character development among the female characters in the series. In the first season, she’s very weak and vulnerable. But her stay with her husband Khal Drogo and the Dothraki men has taught her pride, confidence, and skills of command. This made her able to conquer enslaved countries like Meereen, Astapor, and Qarth, and then giving the people a choice to be free or to join her “khalasar” to seize the Throne. I felt bad when she had to chain her dragons because they’re inflicting damage to people. Nevertheless, Daenerys is my most favorite character. I hope she gets to win the Throne and fulfill her birthright.

So, yeah. Those are my thoughts—rants—about everything concerning Season 4 of Game of Thrones. I am very, very excited for the fifth season! I’m so pumped about what would happen to the characters. I hope the good ones will survive. Share the feels.


Well, we had some serious theories about the season 5. But we’re not ready to share those beyond imagination theories we’ve come up with yet. So you better make your own assumptions.

Reading their reactions from mine, it was obvious how we live basically on the same wavelength. But of course there are noticeable changes. I really had fun sharing ideas and stuff with these guys and it’s only the first time we’ve worked together. They’re annoying in the most brotherly way, so I don’t really mind.

Again these awesome people who helped me and did basically most of the job here are JM Danganan and CJ Dungca.

Follow JM at twitter @jmdanganan and at instagram @jmdanganaaan.

You can see CJ’s awesome photography at instagram @siidyey and follow him at twitter @siidyey

Hope you enjoyed this discussion, ‘cause obviously we did! ‘Till next time!


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about: Game of Thrones, PART 2 with JM Danganan

  1. patricksponaugle says:

    Great recap of Season 3 and Season 4, which mostly covered the third book in the series, A Storm of Swords.

    I appreciate why season 3 was considered the least favorite, because of all the badness that happened to the Starks (and how Tyrion ends up being marginalized after being such a force to contend with in Season 2.) But I think that season was amazing, particularly for the shocking events of the Red Wedding, which was mind-blowing, but also Season 3 was the season where Jaime Lannister showed that he was a very complex character. And Brienne of Tarth was so wonderful.

    Season 4 was great, for some many reasons, but largely because the playing field between the Lannisters and the Starks was somewhat leveled, with the Lannisters suffering reversals that put them into Season 2/Season 3 House Stark territory (dead patriarchs, dead king sons, hostage daughters, having Freys and Boltons as allies, etc.)

    Really looking forward to Season 5.

    • szadanav says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Well, now that you’ve addressed the season 3’s greatness, I’m starting to agree with you and see your point about some parts of the story balancing everything out. But it’s still my least favorite.

      As for season 4, my friend and I couldn’t have said it better.

      Hope you enjoyed our discussion! 🙂

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