Let’s talk about: Game of Thrones, PART 1 with CJ Dungca

Iron_Throne 10380737_10205331711682103_3189464201452701288_nHello guys! Finally, after many long days of just pure drama about this fuss, I finally decided to publish this discussion! As promised before the airing of Season 5. And since I can’t really do it on my own, I asked these amazing friends of my mine to be featured on my blog (even though they don’t have blogs. YET.) and share how they felt about GAME OF THRONES.

If you haven’t already read in my previous blog posts, I am gung ho on Game of Thrones! I have a love/hate relationship with this TV series. By that I mean, I hate that I love the series. It makes me feel absolutely horrible after watching an episode and still I’m craving for more. Yeah, masochism.

Of course I couldn’t keep all my hatred and pain to myself! And that’s where my friends come in. To the rescue! A month ago I told them about the series and now we’re sharing pretty much same feelings all over it.

If you don’t know about Game of Thrones, you better google it ‘cause I’m not telling you anything. Because anything can spoil you and I don’t want to. But it’s basically families fighting over the Iron Throne. Be warned. This discussion is solely based from the TV Series Game of Thrones on HBO. No matter was discussed from book for we haven’t had the chance to read it yet. SPOILERS ARE TO BE EXPECTED. This discussion is divided into two, Seasons 1-2 and Seasons 3-4, in which I am joined by either CJ Dungca or JM Danganan in tackling anything and everything under the Game of Thrones sun!

SEASON 1 by Szarina Dayle Navarro

Did I mention how annoying/amazing it is to work with my friends? Well, it is. Amazing and annoying. Amazing because we talk about almost everything. We could spend an entire day talking about this whole show and not grow tired of it. And annoying because I don’t get to pick which season I get to discuss. Trust me, I’d rather talk about season 4 but here we go.

In every season I think the most remarkable episodes are the first, the ninth, and the tenth.  When I’ve watched the first episode, I have no idea what Game of Thrones is about and the first 5 minutes scared me to death! I thought it was a horror series because of the white walkers but no one in the internet seems to think that so I moved on and watched the rest of the episode which blew me away!

There are a lot of characters! It was so confusing at first to remember everyone’s name that I decided to just remember them by their faces. Eventually, each of the character got defined and refined that I’m able to know who’s bad, which mostly are the Lannisters and who’s good, which mostly are the Starks.

Here are my ridiculous first impressions: I thought Ned Stark was evil. ONLY AT FIRST. I mean, he beheaded someone! And made Bran watch it! Next, I thought Theon was a Stark! He looks like Robb, don’t try to deny that because it’s true and he does lives with the Starks. Last ridiculous first impression, I thought the Lannister twins are awesome. YEAH, I KNOW. GROSS. But all these are just from the first episode.

Of course, there are characters that you can’t help but like. I love Jon Snow, Aria, Tyrion, and the Starks except Sansa and Rickon. Sansa sounded desperate to me. I couldn’t stand her puppy love to Joffrey. All the flirting made me think of “hormones, hormones”. Rickon on the other hand, I ne’er knew he existed until episode 5 I think. I’m really going to laugh if the Iron Throne ended on Rickon.

Let’s talk about the sexy stuff. No amount of sex education could’ve prepared me for that amount of skin showed. When I saw Emilia Clarke naked all I could think of is “THEY SHOW THIS ON PUBLIC TV? I wonder how high she’s paid for this.” I was warned that there’s gonna be serious hot stuff going on but I never thought it’s that serious. Khal Drogo’s wedding? Talk about public woohoos! And the honeymoon after that and that time in the tent and the other time too… Yeah. A lot.  But I think the worse one was the incest tower sex.  I was so sad that Bran has to see that! That’s probably why he’d gone warg in the following seasons.

Daenerys was a developing character throughout the season. And I just love her. She’s grown from being Drogo’s thing and Visaerys’ pet to this Khaleesi no one but friendzone Sir Jorah expected her to be. She’s barely recognizable. I mean, she’s ruthless in all the right moments but not heartless enough to be an evil character in this series. That Visaerys murder scene? That was awesome. Glad to get rid of him.

There are so many story lines that are intertwined with each other but at the same time, it’s not hard to keep up. I like Jon Snow’s journey in Night’s Watch for one! And I also love how Ned keeps on discovering and discovering what really happened to Jon Arryn. Jon Arryn who happened to be married to a mad woman named Lysa Arryn. I don’t know why these knights in Eyrie let that witch who breast feeds publicly rule a just court. It. Doesn’t. Make. Sense.

Tyrion, the smallest character, made the biggest impression to me. His character proved that the Lannisters are not all rotten to the core. Yeah, he may be a womanizer but he’s just the best example of awesome. Imagine, I love Tyrion and he wasn’t even fighting for the Starks. Imagine if he did. I might send him a love letter.

The people in the small council, I don’t know which of them to trust. I hate Baelish. I know from the start that he couldn’t be good news to anyone, especially Ned. I didn’t know what to think of the other 2 though at this season, but I kind of knew them better as it progresses. But it’s not my job to tell you that.

I’m really trying hard to avoid this but the moment has finally come to talk about Joffrey Lannister. Throughout my journey as a reader and as a movie watcher, I have met the evilest and the most horrible villains in the entire fiction world and yet nothing compares to this bastard you call a king! I don’t know why he kept his head because he should be wearing his d*** on instead of the crown! All the foolishness he did, I was screaming at the screen “YOU’RE NOT EVEN A BARATHEON!”

I knew Ned’s going to die, someone spoiled me that but it didn’t make it hurt less. But I never thought he’s going to die in season 1! I never thought it’s going to be on Joffrey’s orders! He admitted a crime he didn’t even do just to honor Sansa’s sacrifice (by this time I like Sansa already). So he died without honor and dignity which made me hate, not Joffrey, not Cercei, but George R.R. Martin.

And Robb didn’t have the chance to talk to his father! The main reason he raised that army from Winterfell! After their dad’s death, the Starks are scattered like dust in the open air. Arya’s became Arry and going to the wall where we hoped he will meet Jon but Jon’s not really present at the moment so… oops. Season 2 things. But yeah, Sansa’s still enjoying her stay at King’s Landing together with d***head and Robb is fighting for justice and Jon is fighting for the survival of the human race and Bran and Rickon are chilling in winterfell.

On the other hand, Daenerys just lost Drogo and gave birth to a lizard baby so she’s really having it bad. But she did just the thing to make the season so awesome.  She made a pyre for Drogo and she went fireproof over there with her dragon eggs and guess what? By morning she had hatched those AWESOME BABY DRAGONS.

Now that Ned’s dead and Joffrey’s taking over the throne, I was hoping Daenerys could gather her wits really fast so she could take Westeros over or if not Daenerys, maybe Robb Stark??? Well, you just have to see Season 2 really!

  Iron_Throne SEASON 2 by CJ Dungca

I would first like to say that season 1 was really amazing! Everyone is so professional and scjo good! No other words to describe that one, especially the ending! Who would not want to watch season 2 after seeing dragons at the end of season 1’s last episode? I mean, that was spectacular. Okay, so much for my feels on Season 1, let’s have my thoughts about Season 2.

Season 2 was as amazing as Season 1, but in this one, the story gets heavier!

I liked Robb at the moment he stood up to start the rebellion. I’m happy that he followed his heart and married Lady Talisa. If I was in his position I’ll do it too,I guess. Haha. THEON GREYJOY IS A FOOL, A TRAITOR, AN IDIOT, A HEARTHLESS, SELF-CENTERED CRAP! How could anyone betray a person who treats you as a brother? How could a person take killing 2 little boys that grew with him? How could someone be so mindless that he think he’s still worthy of a crown? I can’t express my anger to Theon after what he’s done to Winterfell. And I guess that he deserved to be tortured.

Let’s forget about Coward Theon and talk about The Brave and wild Arya Stark or should I say Arry. HAAHAHA.I love how she does everything, like she knew what would happen next. Everytime it’s part for her story I literally change my position cause I get so excited. Hahahaha. She has been through a lot. But there’s one thing, when Arya was offered by Jaqen H’ghar to say 3 names to kill, I wish she said, Joffrey, Cersei and Illyn Pain, though I can’t blame her for choosing who she chose, she was wise. On the other hand, Jaqen H’ghar was as mysterious as hell that I want to know more, especially about the coin and the phrase “Valar Morghulis”.

Speaking of mysterious, well, there no other place more mysterious than Qarth especially the warlock (you know what I mean). Mysterious or not, I agree that Qarth really is a beautiful place and I liked Daenerys Targaryan’s stay there. It made her even stronger,and when I say stronger, I mean it, from being this scared little girl to a confident strong lady. AND! The dragons, oh my, they are unbelievable. I was shouting the time they started to breath out fire that was badass! I can’t wait to see more of what they can do and what Daenerys would do.

Let’s now go to the Baratheons, Renly and Stannis. I was surprised on how Renly got that many people on this side and I didn’t know how Sir Loras’ family was that influential. Renly sleeping side by side with the knight of the rose did him a really great deal. Well, not that he got killed. Don’t get too shocked, anybody can die playing the game of thrones, you’ll get used to it. Stannis though will be powerful, really powerful with that fire priestess by his roof.

This part is for the other characters, I won’t say anything about Joffrey and Cersei anymore, they’re still heartless as they are before. The hound though was such an improvement. He’s just unbelievable and unpredictable. He’s too strong outside but so soft in the inside and I won’t blame him for being afraid of fire!? Just looking at his face woud give you enough proof. Another knight I loved is Brienne of Tarth, not Lady Brienne, just Brienne. She’s braver than any knight in the whole seven kingdoms! The most loyal person I’ve seen in the series. Jaime Lannister, I still hate this man, and hated Cat because of him, I won’t say more.

And OH! Let’s not forget about The Men of the Night’s Watch. It’s bliss to finally see the crows on work. Seeing Jon Snow as a ranger too! But Halfhand is a big loss. A true ranger that risk his life for the watch. I just hope Jon would be able to fool the wildlings! And I can’t wait to see who Mance Rayder is, The King beyond the wall.

Last to tackle is the war! I didn’t expect the war to take place in season 2, I thought maybe it will be at middle of the 3rd season but well it happened and i’m not glad of the outcome! I wanted Stannis to rule and take over the throne. For him to kill Joffrey, Cersei but not Tyrion of course and Tywin also for the good he did to Arya. But we don’t always get what we want. The wildfire though is beautiful, hahahaha. It’s like watching a fireworks display.

I know there’s many more left over like the Greyjoys, Arya’s stay on Tywin’s side, lord Varys and Lord Baelish, Ross and Shae, Sansa and many more. All I have to say is that Season 2 was epic! Everything that was left unexplained in season 1 was answered but this season opened more mysteries than the previous one. The game of thrones is being played already, some have failed so fast but many are still on the attack.

The ending though, is like watching game of thrones and Walking Dead combined! AHAHAHAHAHA. After this season, you’ll be wanting more trust me! Not just one more season but like a thousand more! That’s all folks! May the Old and New Gods Bless you! Stay awesome and spread the word!




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