5 Annoying Things Authors Do

We love our authors. Really, we do but just like any other loved one we have, they have annoying things that they do that leaves us frustrated or angry or both. But pointing out these annoying habits doesn’t make us love them less. Here they are, from the least annoying to the most annoying.

5. Instalove

Admit it. It’s true. It’s annoying sometimes how this could happen. Attraction, I understand. But some authors take love at first sight to a whole new level that shouldn’t be possible. However, some cases of instalove actually work. It depends really on how it was written.

4. Exaggeration

Most of the time about the male character’s looks. I understand that readers has to be attracted to the male character or the female character but looks isn’t the only factor to be considered. Remember Levi from Fangirl? I love that guy and he wasn’t described as godlike or something like that. I remember having read a new adult series once and all the male characters are unbelievably good looking. Seriously? Are they quintuplets? I couldn’t believe that I would live and say this but, HANDSOMENESS COULD BE ANNOYING.

But looks  aren’t the only thing authors exaggerate. Feelings and emotions too. A grief or hatred that lasts almost half the book (unless towards the evil guy)?  Exaggeration.

3. Unexpected Character Deaths

I’m sure you all agree. They make us love them and suddenly they massacre them! WHAT THE HECK, AUTHORS. Okay, that’s kinda part of your job but hey! That doesn’t make it less painful. You could’ve warned us! Well, not really but…

Sometimes what I feel for the death of a character is more like annoyed and frustrated rather than sad and lonely because it’s so sudden. Prince Oberyn from Game of Thrones, *SPOILER*, when he died, I was really frustrated because we lost another good guy. And who would save Tyrion??!!

2. Cliff Hangers

Cliff hanger is like an annoying sister or brother that always manages to destroy your day no matter how good it is. No matter how good the book is if there’s a cliff hanger, I’m going “YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY??” mode and just put on full frown. But just like your sister or brother, you loved them deep deep down. It makes you want for more! And that leads us to the most annoying thing ever…

1. The Waiting Game

It’s bad enough that it ended on a cliff hanger, now you have to wait a whole year for the next book! It’s so unfair!But that the one thing we couldn’t change, and that makes my blood boil!. I know, authors has to write without pressure and there’s a certain process before the book gets published but please, I’m begging you! MAKE. IT. FASTER.

But even as I rant about it. I know that all I could do is wait, patiently, if possible.


There! But, again, that doesn’t make me love them less. If anything, I’m thankful for their existence and mind. Just remember that there is no perfect author or story or even writing style and you’ll be okay at the end of the day 🙂 !

I hope you could relate and just comment if there’s anything I haven’t written. 🙂

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