Let’s talk about: A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

athousandpieces_hc_cCan’t ignore that gorgeous cover, can you? Yeah, so pretty! And you can say all you want but I judge books by their covers. Not completely, but I do. Not that I don’t read books with bad covers but it’s a bonus if it’s pretty!

This book is the first physical book I’ve read this year. Weird. Yeah. I don’t prefer ebooks over real books or real books over ebooks. For me, what’s available is what matters. But since this one is so gorgeous, I decided to buy it last February and it had been staring into nothingness until yesterday.

Here’s what it is about:

Marguerite’s physicist parents discovered and developed a device, the Firebird, that can make you travel through different dimensions and universes ’cause apparently there are many. But after that her dad got killed. And the prime suspect is her parents protege, Paul Markov, and he escaped using the firebird. Marguerite together with her friend, Theo, followed Paul in whichever dimension he goes but as they jump to dimension after dimension she’s starting to question her own heart.

It was totally awesome! There had been a lot of concepts within the science fiction world but I have never seen multiverses and Claudia Gray really pulled it off. I guess it’s as weird as time travel but many times over more amazing! The way one world is different from another is totally brilliant. The way story goes on is fast moving and complex and intricate that you have to watch out for every detail the author is gonna throw at you ’cause you don’t know when it’s going to be important.

That’s it for the non-spoiler!

Discussion with Spoiler.

Okay. Let’s talk about science . Let me clarify things to you. I’m not left brained neither right brained. I’m bordering on average awesomeness (depends on how you see it.) And like Marguerite, I was only half listening to my physics teacher the whole year. I sincerely hope she’s not going to read this.

But I think I have enough physics to understand all of this. Mechanics and wave right?  Yeah, I’m good. Reading chapter 2 (I think?) made me actually want to be a physicist rather than my original dream to be a physician. That’s how affected I got.

I love everyone in Marguerite’s family. Her mom, dad, Josie and Theo and Paul. Well, their Theo. Everyone’s cool! In their different ways. The way she described her parents and their rainbow table was an “AWW” moment ’cause they never pressure her into anything she’s not and doesn’t want to be. They let their children grow to individuality.

And the hallway with chalkboard paint? AWESOME.

It was obvious from the start that Paul is not the bad guy and Triad is the evil corp. Well, from a reader’s perspective it was obvious but of course for Marguerite, it’s not. But she’s a hot headed kid and she didn’t think things through before jumping into another dimension. To her defense, almost every protagonist doesn’t think things through. But she didn’t even contemplate why would Paul do it. He had no reason to kill her dad even if he hated him, he doesn’t get anything at all from the murder, if there’s anything, that’s imprisonment. Not cool.

Along the journey, Marguerite throws these flashbacks from home which is a bigger proof of why Paul didn’t do it. That much should’ve been obvious. I mean, the dude was obviously in love with her! The painting? The Accident? Seriously, I would have already dated the guy.

So they jumped into a world where British and Bad ass Marguerite exists .And London was ultimately high-tech. Not surprising and not entirely new. What’s surprising and entirely new is how that Marguerite lives in that world. With the best relative ever. I really don’t like this parallel Marguerite.

She should have suspected right there that Theo’s up to something. I’m guessing he’s already been into that world. I was so excited to see Paul, for him to explain himself and the moment we see him (not brawling) he talks for like 3 minutes about he doesn’t know about her dad’s death and everything she already knows and POOF! He’s gone! But thanks be to heavens, because it didn’t take us more than half of the book to believe Paul’s innocent .

Russia world was a lot more interesting. And their dad? The tsar? Sounds like Hitler-made-kinder to me. But his brother Sergei? That’s Joffrey Lannister who was given a chance to grow up. But Marguerite’s brothers there are to be missed! Even Kathy! Their awesome and cute and really caring. Paul’s theory about fate and destiny must be true, makes me wonder who are these people, I mean Vlad, Kathy and Peter, will be in her home dimension. Because people you meet in your home dimension, most likely you’ll meet in other dimensions and I guess that works the other way too. Home-diff and Diff-Home. I’m so excited to meet these guys in Marguerite’s dimension!

So her dad’s her professor! How awesome! Seeing him again kind of actually made me cry a little because I miss him too from Marguerite’s stories. And he’s different and the same. But in here, her mom and dad’s not together but still they loved each other. And made Marguerite. Yeah. Naughty parents.

So about Paul… I mean Lieutenant Markov. I like Paul better than him. I sometimes confuse them. But I really like home Paul. Paul and Lieutenant are both reserved but I like Paul better because he’s blunt. Lieutenant is kinda old fashionly romantic and a lot sweeter. I guess that’s why Marguerite fell in love with him. It was very fast. Especially the love scene? I thought they are just gonna kiss! Of course, Lieutenant doesn’t know about the dimension thing at first and he loves the princess for a long time already in there. But for Marguerite? I think it’s all so sudden.

Looks like anywhere Paul’s a genius ’cause he understood everything after just like a 30 minute talk. I still can’t believe she broke the Firebird! CLUMSY! I was so afraid when that Markov died because Paul was still in there! And he could die together with him! Thank God, she told him everything so he would know what to do.

I’m thinking what it could be on Lab 11 that Paul didn’t want her to see or is it simply because he’s gonna kidnap her. My blood was flowing too fast, I’m so restless in that scene when she was texting Paul and Wyatt the evil was looking at her funny. And I’m like “LET HER LEAVE LET HER LEAVE LET HER LEAVE” And the lost bracelet story but after she went out of the building she just sprinted to the car not even knowing how to drive a stick shift!

So this evil man… He’s OBVIOUSLY EVIL! Power hungry son of a mother! I can’t believe he’s using her parent’s in 2 dimensions and killing her father in one of those! And that kidnapping is his thing!!! If Paul wasn’t so smart! No one would know about the plans!

Let me clear this out. I don’t understand how Paul could love Marguerite that fiercely, when all they do is talk about fate and cook lasagna and brush arms! They were even awkward with each other most of the time! I guess, it’s romantic-awkward. But still…

Anyway, I love Paulguerite! The scene on the airport? I was fangirling up to heavens! It’s fine that she loved the Markov because she’s gonna move on and give him a chance!

Oh my God, when he just said out of the blue “I remember having sex.”, I was the one embarrassed for Marguerite! I was hysterical and laughing. I love Paul because he’s straight to the point if sometimes being blunt and then correcting himself and making himself clear. That’s adorable 🙂

So we had an underwater theme park/hotel! Made possible by Dr. Henry Caine. It weirdly reminds me of District 13 in Mockingjay because of the schedule and chores and everything. But everything was sweeter and happier because of her parents! So I thought, it’s kinda regular but different dimension and then KABOOM DAD STARTS SINGING IN MY LIFE!!!! And I literally bolted upright, my eyes wide. Cause he’s alive!!!! DAD’S ALIVE. I tear up there! I’m so happy! Not only they got him back, but he get’s to tell the truth! I wonder who’s that girl he talked to before the sabotage.

So it was Theo from another dimension all along! That’s why all the weird nickname and he’s flirting with her less cause he got stuck in friendzone in his dimension and I guess that friendzone thing was fate. 🙂 You know what I mean. 🙂

If the phone wasn’t on loud speaker, and Marguerite pretended she heard nothing, They could’ve both gone back to Salacia safely! And Paul wouldn’t have to go back to save Theo’s butt!

It was so exciting when they had to rush to the university because their getting their dad and everyone was so excited and no explanation were needed because Paul explained everything already in that letter or something. And it was a happy reunion! Their mom and dad was grossly romantic and sweet! And her sister Josie being grossed out because  she saw the “deed” being done! And their mom said “You saw your parents at your best!” That was so hilarious! And our Theo is good and awesome! Triad’s a loser. FOR NOW. But then comes the Ignite me moment when you thought everything was okay but that one person is still missing… And I really thought that he’s not going to make it and he’s going to be kidnapped by the Triad and that’s the next mission in the next book, retrieving Paul! BUT THANK ALMIGHTY HEAVENS HE RETURNED! And Theo was again friendzoned. But that’s fine. And it ended on an cute bordering on awkward situation where she chose to try love him as Paul and not Lieutenant.

It was nice that it ended on a happy note, making readers satisfied but wanting more Paulguerite! Why can’t all authors do that? I was so happy to have read this book cause it was soo amazing! And just the right amount of scientific genius. Totally Brilliant writing. Waiting for the next book would be hard but after reader’s  gonna read read read, reader’s got to wait wait wait too. There are just some weird theories happening in my head right now because this whole concept is complex. What if you travel to a dimension where yourself is not present because it’s presently traveling another dimension? Could you go to that dimension? I hope this really gets answered.

I had a lot of fun reading this and it was so great and awesome. Best job Claudia Gray (cause good job is an understatement.)

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