Let’s talk about: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

72897_originalOh. My. Gosh. I don’t even have an idea on how to make an introduction for this discussion. I just want to jump right into it and talk about it forever!

Heir of Fire is the 3rd book of Throne of Glass series and it was awesome!!! It’s not as fast as the first two books but nothing to take you more than a week to read. However, for me, it’s more awesome than ToG and CoM. Especially now that things are moving into a more magical setting which I love!!!

The books are getting better and better and better as the story progresses. And that makes me so excited for Queen of Shadows, the 4th book! I’m so happy that the author didn’t try to compress this series into a trilogy cause it’s superb and awesome and ass-kicking and everything you need in a fantasy!

Discussion with spoiler:

We are in Wendlyn! And we’re starving and overheating! YEY! So Wendlyn was much better than Adarlan. Better weather, better people, and better government! She even saw her cousin, the beloved prince! It’s almost a perfect setting. Except that Celaena was acting like a bitch!She really was acting like a brat half of the book and I was so happy that Rowan doesn’t tolerate her nonsense! Speaking of Rowan and new characters…

Though there’s a lot of new characters, it was never overwhelming except for Manon Blackbeak because the witch got her own POV. I was like “Who the hell is this? And why am I reading about her?” Actually, up to now, the second hasn’t been answered. But I have a feeling that there’s gonna be a mega-ultra violent war (but that’s for sure) and these witches are no doubt part of that and fighting for the king.

Manon was annoying at first. No one likes evil witches in any story, especially when they’re pretty, that’s even more annoying. I hate their mantra even more”Discipline. Obedience. Brutality.” WHAT THE HECK. It feels like bad is the new good for these guys. And they’re POV was so freaking glacial at first. Until Abraxos came along, and Manon started to be soft and caring and growing a heart and all that stuff just to prove to others that her choosing Abraxos was a good idea. Yeah, Granny didn’t like that very much. I love their bonding, how they care for each other. Especially when Abraxos was like “I WILL EAT FLOWERS. I LIKE FLOWERS” That was so funny! And I like that Blueblood heir too. Among the 3 I think she was the softest. And Manon was the heroin in the end of the games and again, Granny didn’t like that ’cause she wanted Manon to play dirty or something. So yeah, I like Manon. I hope she’s gonna help us.

I hate Maeve and I’m so jubilant that Celaena outsmarted her! So many times. I was waiting for her to get back at Celaena while they’re leaving but she never did. Not that I was hoping that she did but she was waiting for her for a long time… Well maybe she didn’t get back at her because she was afraid of her.

Thank heavens, we know Celaena’s story! It’s tragic about Lady Marion and her parents. I went teary eyed when she slept with her parents and they’re dead and she’s pretending she doesn’t know. And it’s just so sad. And she met Dorian back then! So cute Dorian! But the king was also there and ruined everything. 😦

I don’t feel empathic about Celaena’s hatred and guilt. That’s why I’m annoyed at her, most of the time cause she snaps like a .000001 thread.  Even though that anger was the catalyst to her mastery of shifting which took too long to master. When she yelled at Emyrs and Luca. I was sooooo freaaakkkkiin’ pissed. Don’t put this on anyone girl!

I LOVED IT WHEN THEY WERE MAKING WEAPONS OF THEIR POWERS AND JUST KICK ASS. ROWAN WAS A TOUGH TRAINER. UNDERSTATEMENT. And when she burned those Valg princes! Oh my goodness that was awesome! And the sea monster! That scene made me just stop breathing.

Have I told you about getting confused in the first book about the love thingie? Huh, now I got 3 competitors excluding Dorian.

  1. Chaol
  2. Rowan
  3. Aedion

Yeah, I know I was team Dorian! But then Sorscha came and I was starting to love their relationship and then BAM! She died. So still, I like Dorian, I love Dorian but I don’t think they’re still for each other, especially now that Ceaena’s grown so much. Ms. Author, you better make a new love interest for Dorian or I’m going ape shit!

Dorian just got cooler in this book, so much cooler. The way he stood up on his dad and cursed him in the last part? I’m so proud of Dorian. And the way he fought him and saved Chaol! And when he slapped it in Chaol’s face that he couldn’t accept him and Celaena wholly, only part of  them! Serves you right Chaol!

Dorian’s gonna be an evil handsome prince on the next book though. I’m pretty sure about that. I just hope HE’S NOT GOING TO DIE. Please, don’t make Dorian die! ‘Cause darn right it’s possible. He’s still has to fight for our side and rule a kingdom after all this drama ’cause that king’s gotta die. AND DORIAN WILL BE KING. BEST KING EVER.

Sorry, who’s Chaol? Just kidding. I don’t hate Chaol. really I don’t.  I just don’t like him for Celaena.  Up to now, he can’t accept Celaena wholly!  He can’t accept that she’s an assassin or a Fae. He only likes Celaena, the one he sleeps with and the one he trained. And now she’s gonna beat his ass.. And let’s face it, Chaol’s too bland for her. And he’s got loyalty problems.

Remember that time when Celaena asked Rowan about hurting their mate? and he said “Want to know the truth?” I have a feeling that he said that ’cause their not mates. 🙂 Besides, Celaena let Chaol go. Though they’re gonna have to have a clean break when Celaena returns.  And Celaena’s less of a Celaena now, more of Aelin Galathynius.

Rowan? I HAVE HUGE LOVE FOR THIS GUY. Almost as much as I love Dorian. I love that they are carranam!  I love that they have the same experiences. And they truly understand each other. I love that he’s an alpha male on her no matter how stubborn and superior she is even after he took a blood oath to her. They don’t find it romantic but I do. When the snuggled up at night and they practically live together and sleep on the same bed! But it appears that they’re just BFF but remember Better Off Friends? That’s right! “What’s better than falling in love with your best friend?”

Makes me wonder about the mate thing. Could you only be mate with a Fae or demi-Fae?  And could you have another mate? Because Rowan’s wife was dead. And tattooed all over his body. Could he get over his wife and be with Celaena ’cause Rowena is my backup ship from Celorian. And I think that they are really good together. I just hoped that he came with her in Adarlan but she will send for him, right? I totally ship Rowena but if they stay what they are totally cool too.  🙂

Aedion, I hate him at first. But after Chaol saw him, I liked the guy. The sacrifices he made for Terrasen and their people while he lets everyone think he’s a douche was just tear jerking. I like Aedion very much but I don’t love him. I still think he and Celaena are not forever material cause they share a feature and that’s incest enough for me even if they say that it’s far enough to be incest. It doesn’t say in the book but I feel that he likes Celaena romantically. I also think that he clings too much on the memory of Aelin, of what they were. But I think he’s very loyal and he’s gonna make Celaena’s court one helluva court!

I think more or less, Celaena’s still ending up with Chaol (DON’T GET ME WRONG I SHIP ROWENA). But that’s only what I think. Not what I want. Rowena is my strongest ship for now (WHO KNOWS IF MAAS THROWS ANOTHER 3 BILLION HOT GUYS INTO THE SCENE). I don’t think she’s not gonna end up with anybody at all. Seriously, after all those hot guys? They say that she’s independent and loves her kingdom so it’s alright if she’s single and everything. I don’t think so. She’s not immortal and even if she is, she’s gotta have an heir. Someone to rule after her. And you can’t make babies alone, can you? So she’s gotta have to choose. This is another reason why I think Celaena and Dorian are not for each other anymore. They’re gonna rule different kingdoms Adarlan for Dorian and Terrasen for Celaena so most likely their going to be away from each other in the end.

There’s no wyrd key in Wendlyn. And Maeve was no use. So this sadist Arobynn got another wyrd key. Bet ya it’s going to be the battle of the century. Master versus Student and all that. And please just please! Destroy these freaking obsidian towers! So we can get the magic rolling and have Rowan on Adarlan.

I am so excited for Queen of Shadows to come! And know what the witches are going to do. By the way, if Celaena beat Baba Yellowlegs, Manon’s easy breezy for her. But I hope they’re on the same side. I hope she’s gonna pick a clear winner on the 4th book and just continue lovin’ till the last cause I’m done switching ships. My mind and heart are confused on which is the best guy.

Share the feels!

Ps: She has what? 4 names? Aelin, Celaena, Lilian and Elentiya! I’m using Celaena here obviously!


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