5 tips on how to enjoy a good book

Have you had one of those days when you know it’s a good book and yet you couldn’t enjoy it? Or you drift into a different thought while you’re reading? Or maybe you keep on reading and rereading the same paragraph? Took you a month to finish a hundred pages book? Well, there’s no shame in admitting to that my friend! We all have those days! May it be for leisure reading or for school or work, trust me, you’re not alone. These problems may sound stupid but they can be tough sometimes and ruin the reading experience.

1. Relax.

Don’t stress anything. Seriously, stop being paranoid. The only stress that you want is from the book or the characters or the conflicts because that means you’re focused and paying attention. Condition your body before reading. Things to do to condition yourself?  Take a nap. Fill your stomach with good old comfort food. Take a shower to freshen yourself up. Go pee or poo so you won’t have any excuse. You’re doing these to ease your mind of the stress from school, work, or home and to heighten your focus and imagination.

Avoid reading at late night unless you’re up for all nighters because obviously, you tend to be sleepy at those times and end up snoozing instead of reading. But if you happen to like reading at late night, better start making a strong coffee.

Just don’t ruin it for yourself.  A good book doesn’t deserve to get only the half of your attention. Be Imaginative. Immerse yourself in the story.

2. Make Time.

Time plays a big role in reading. I always read on weekends. Not that I don’t read on weekdays but I do mega full time on week ends because I have so very limited time on Monday-Fridays. That way I’m not stressed or pressured.(refer to tip #1)

Choose a time of your liking. When you feel the happiest. Make a 1 hour goal and if you’re liking it. You’ll spend more than that and finish the whole thing. Don’t choose a time when your parents are constantly asking you to do things or run errands cause that leads to a VERY DANGEROUS SITUATIOn.

I know, us, book worms/booksessed/book lions/bibliophile/other terms like to bring a book or more with us and read on public, sometimes just to show off, but remember, If you’re in public, that means, most likely you’re moving (walking or something) or there’s noise and chattering around and you’re gonna be distracted and be back to scenario #3. reading and rereading a paragraph. For me, the maximum time I’ve read in public is 5 minutes and I had to reread it at home. Don’t cheap out on you’re reading time. Again, a good book doesn’t deserve that.

3, Choose a Good Book.

THIS IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR RECREATIONAL READING. (You can’t choose what books to read for school!)

Books that are slow paced , takes time to build or let’s face it, BORING are the last books you need to read if you don’t have the best attention span, and of course, a good book for me may not be a good book for you.Choose a genre you enjoy. Sometimes (a lot of times), it depends upon the mood. Just go with it. You can hardly enjoy a book you don’t want to read.

Do a research from goodreads and from the reading community but…

3. Avoid Spoilers.

This is the real enemy. That’s why it’s called a spoiler because it spoils everything for you. It ruins the experience. Avoid social media. You can never know if there’s a spoiler peep lurking around. I still haven’t forgiven the guy who spoiled me Allegiant. I unfollowed Cassandra Clare at twitter then followed her again after finishing TID and TMI. I did the same thing with RIck Riordan. But only for Blood of Olympus.

4. Don’t be a Vocabulary Nazi!

Especially if English is not your primary language. LET THAT WORD GO. You  don’t have to use the dictionary every time you see an unfamiliar word! That’s what a context clue is for. Don’t worry unless you’re reading a classic so old, you will still understand most of the story. I usually go for this test. “Is it that important?” If it is, let’s ask Mr. Webster and if it’s not, life goes on. But if you think that every word is important, this might suit you better. If  noun, look for the meaning on its 3rd time appearing in the book. If verb or adjective/adverb, they are usually complementing each other. If there’s a verb, there’s an adjective to serve as context and vice versa. If you keep your head,you won’t even use a dictionary once 🙂

5.Find Comfort.

Last but the most important of all! Covering all the tips from 1-4 is get comfy! If you are feeling great when you read. you don’t need any of the tips at all. Whatever it is that you use when you read. A chair? A  couch? Your bed? Just make sure you’re in a position that gives you comfort and won’t leave any part of your body aching after that read! ‘Cause I’m telling you Darling, stiff neck and back pain ain’t pretty!

So that’s all I could rack my brain on how I could relieve some of your reading dilemmas. I hoped they helped even when parts of the tips are nonsensical. Have fun reading and share the feels!


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