Let’s talk about: Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

17228280Like most of my reads are, I’ve known this book through booktubers and I have known this book for quite a while now and yet now’s the only time I’ve decided to open it.

I opened the book by accident on my e-reader, actually. You know, when you thought you have something to do on your phone and you find out that you don’t? Finding this book was that moment. ‘Cause I swear, I plan to make a reaction on 4 seasons of Game of Thrones but I opened the book and I can’t stop reading. Literally.

I don’t know if it’s short or fast paced. Both? I just have pure unadulterated love for this book and for the author. It’s cute. It’s almost real. Everything was ‘brilliant’ (pun intended). Absolutely no boring parts! Not too cheesy. Relatable characters. Really, it’s good stuff. You have to read it. Now. And I swear I will see you in 3 hours time.

The title really kinda says it all.

Discussion with spoiler:

Okay. This last few months or weeks maybe (I wasn’t keeping track, clearly.). I’ve sworn not to read contemporary novels just yet ’cause they make me feel so horrible afterwards. Remember Never Never and All The Bright Places? Yeah, some books. It wasn’t that I regret reading them but I don’t remember myself closing those books feeling happy and warm either. What about ‘This Is What Happy Looks Like’? Well, now that I’ve thought about it, I realized that it was an “okay” book. Not bad but not too great. So I resorted to fantasy and action. And I was really happy and awesome after Throne of Glass though Crown of Midnight kinda made me a little sad but my energy is still on! But Game of Thrones broke me. And that’s it. Better Off Friends and I met accidentally but I think it’s divine intervention.

That was a lot of story telling. Moving on.I liked the conversation they hit in the pages before chapter 1. I think it says a lot about them and their relationship. I got hooked from the start. I was sort of spoiled because I knew that they really weren’t better off as friends. But it still made me smile at that first line “Guys and girls can be friends.” ‘Cause it’s a total girl cliche. Everyone’s said that phrase and yet very few people proved it.

I totally sound like their parents BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE. They’re adorable. It almost felt like I’m a part of their friendship. Yeah, thirdwheeling. Lez go back to the story. These characters are so relatable. I could easily be one of them. The way they just clicked when they are both watching that TV show Buggy and Floyd? That’s exactly how I got close to my best friends in 8th grade! Only they’re girls, and it’s Twilight and some book we’re fussing about. And we’re still best buddies up to date, still fussing about lots a things.

For the first time in forever, we don’t see much sulking on a parent’s death. I mean, death and depression goes together and are really understandable but there’s just a point where it seems too emotional and just “nahhhh” moment. We didn’t have that issue here. So she refuses to talk about it, but she’s still a happy kid, most of the time. And we get cool parents and relatives! That’s a nice touch! I loved Uncle Adam and Levi’s mom!

The moment Emily and Levi became a thing. I stopped looking at Emily as best friend. She was just this typical girl. Flirty girl. So did I think Levi would fix her? Yeah, but I anticipated that she’s 30% good 70% beyotch. I liked Danielle, though. Not too needy. I hated Emily even more on that New Year’s eve! She’s afraid that Macallan would betray her when in fact it’s the other way around.

And really, when you want to see your girl best friend first before your girlfriend after a vacation? That isn’t enough of a clue? Tsk tsk tsk. You’re in friendzone and you don’t even know it. These characters had been to uhm, a few relationships before they dated each other and I’ve got to admire the jealousy for it wasn’t that consuming with rage and anger. It was just on the level that made the point known and adorable. Not that they had much to be jealous about because that double date was the worst idea ever. Their dates became like an audience. I feel like that maybe, just maybe, that they should’ve let Ian and that girl date.I mean, the 2 of them were practically dating so it’s just fair.

The kiss they had on the park! My heart just made a back flip and my ears and eyes decided to help my mouth share the burden of my smile because it was that bright! Huh! Way to shut him  up about his dramas. And he was even intentionally being talkative just to be kissed by Macallan again and he didn’t even know he loves her like that!

Everything is all so cute and fuzzy and just sweet and makes you say “Oh, young love. *sigh*” (I decided that I cut my talk ’cause I’m pretty much going to use the same adjectives over and over.) until Levi started fading from Macallan’s life  and she wasn’t aware how deep things between her and him not just romantically but like abandoning a family. So he decided to confess what he just realized and KABOOM! Macallan decided to go to Ireland! I remember him making a joke that the next time he tries to kiss Macallan she would be off to International Space Station. I was just laughing so much at that.

I loved that they’re like watching themselves, watching their story because after every chapter they would be like talking about it in a funny way, mocking each other, teasing. CUTE STUFF. hashtag RELATIONSHIP GOALS. Yeah, I sound so ridiculous.

Anyway, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy after Ireland, thanks to Love, Rosie, I always expect the worst to happen. I knew he would have a girlfriend! That much is predictable! And things began to be a little more serious from here. I totally get Levi that he’s making most of the effort in their relationship. It would have been a lot easier if only Macallan told him she loves him. His girlfriend, Stacey? She even knew it from the start, so no one would be hurt. That kitchen scene where they were just so mad at each other, I feel like Macallan should have fought for Levi to stay and make him apologize. EXPRESS YOURSELF PEOPLE. And that was the last time they ever spoke to each other. I thought that throwing that joined birthday party was finally gonna make them talk at least. BUT NO ONE APPROACHED NO ONE. I was disappointed.

So Levi got what he always wanted, to be popular. I never blame or belittle Levi on his dream to be known because I think most of us dreamed that same dream at that stage. He became better at catching the ball, made bro-friends, had a cute little girlfriend. And by getting those, he became a douche! That went on for a long time and I was really starting to get annoyed at his character because he’s not the cute surfer dude anymore and then… THE ACCIDENT

I feel kinda bad for Levi at this. That he has to get his ankle injured to spend awesome time with Macallan and that he wouldn’t be able to play for a long time. I don’t know how they react to each other without getting romantic when they know that it only takes a spark to ignite the flame. For me, it would always have that awkwardness until you clear the air.

There was this line from them chatting and it tickles my sweet bones and it’s just a feel good. Levi talks first, Here goes:

On a scale from one to ten, how much of a pain was I after my injury? And please be honest.

Do you think I would hold back on you?

Unfortunately, no.

On a scale from one to ten? Thirteen.

Fair enough.

Now I have a question for you. On a scale from one to ten, how annoyed were you that I was going to the dance with someone else?


Yeah, maybe that’s the most cheesy line in the whole book. But I was born a fangirl. No judging. So when the dance came, I feel really bad for Macallan. SHE HAD TO COMFORT ALEX. AND SHE’S THE ONE WHO LOST THE PARTNER. And when he asked her if she wants to go to the dance with him, I understand her hesitation, she wouldn’t want to interfere with his relationship with Stacey. But I wish that Levi took that as a sign that she loves him.

The scene in the park where they exchange point of view with every paragraph was really climactic! KISS HIM. KISS HER. COME ON! And there’s no more words needed ’cause they feel exactly the same. The thing they had about home, it’s kinda Anna and the French Kiss to me.

The last conversation they had was very light and young and teenager-ish and I love. I just wish it had a little more scenes after that. Graduation maybe? Or Valentines. Their parents’ reaction? ANYTHING. MORE. One of the most adorable contemporary novels I’ve ever read. And my words to describe how cute and awesome it is wouldn’t be enough to cover the cuteness I felt. It was just a perfect hangover curer. I LOVED IT. I LOVE IT.



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