Let’s talk about: Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas

17167166Is there such a thing as kickasser? or awesomer? Because I don’t know how else to put it.

If you don’t know, which I doubt, Crown of Midnight is the second book in the Throne of Glass series. If you don’t know Throne of Glass and you love fantasy, I don’t know what you’re still doing here. Read it then let’s discuss it. Click this if you want to read my feels. And then read Crown of Midnight and LEZ DO THIS.

Well that’s all for the spoiler free part. Come back when you’re done.

Discussion with spoiler:

I have finished Crown of Midnight 2 weeks ago but it’s only today that I’ve decided to write a reaction because I was pretty overwhelmed that time to write coherently. To be honest, I don’t feel good about the love triangle so I thought I need to breathe (YEAH, I KNOW. I OVERREACTED.) so I decided to marathon Game of Thrones. WORST. DECISION. EVER.

Turns out, I feel worse on Game of Thrones so writing this down now makes me feel better. I won’t talk much on the love triangle here ’cause I made an article all about it. You can check it out. Just click this. Speaking of Game of Thrones, I said last time that I had some kind of Lord of the Rings feels on this series, change that to Game of Thrones feels.

There’s definitely more action on this book than the first one, to think that the time frame was only 1 month (from the Archer time frame). And I love it! The blood lust or the violence of this novel probably bothers people but I’m not. All I could think of when there’s a fighting scene is “GO GO GO! KILL THEM, YO ENEMIES!” I feel her adrenaline and grace when she’s fighting.

We opened up on her missions to kill some lord in the land. When she came back, and the king said ” I almost didn’t recognize him”, it’s obvious she’s not killing anyone. All the while she’s been “killing” her subjects, she formed this kind of an alter ego, “Celaena the Killer”, and Calaena the Killer is making Dorian uncomfortable.

I feel so dumb searching the word courtesan long after its first use in the book. I guessed it was something in the court. FORGIVENESS. So I was shocked to find out that Archer was a prostitute. I was right when I said that there are more secret passages in the castle in the last book talk! And no it wasn’t a passage. It was a freaking labyrinth that hid the most unusual creatures ever! I feel like this man/ creature is kind of like Wolf in the Lunar Chronicles, only much worse because they obviously don’t control their own minds. So I say he’s a mutt. And I think the King is raising a mutt army.

So we found out that the king has one of the three keys  to the Wyrd gates that’s why he’s very powerful. When Celaena saw the obsidian (or was onyx?) deposit in the clock tower, everything made sense! Roland, Perrington and the King wears the same ring with that thing. I’m still very curious about that and the thing with Kaltain’s headache and dreams because she and Nehemia had the same sort of dreams with the wings flapping and everything.

The meeting of the council for death camp extension was absolutely inhumane! I knew right there that I was right about Dorian standing up to his father. And I’m not against parents or anything but when you have a father like that, better keep him out of your decisions. I was so happy that Dorian finally let himself be angry about the wrong things inside the castle. There was one line he said that made me like “YES, THAT’S RIGHT!” It was something like this. NOT EXACT. “Why don’t you try spending a year in Calaculla and tell us how you feel about extending it afterward?” I was just mentally clapping for that line!

I was overjoyed when Dorian discovered his powers! KICK ASS! When he punched that wall and the glass shattered and when he and Celaena fought that creature on the library passage, I thought to myself “OH MY GOD HE HAS ALL THE POWERS THERE EVER WAS!” but nah really, it was some sort of mental thing but still beats Chaol on his level of butt-kickery. Definitely one of the highlights of the book for me.

Then there’s the witch thing, Baba Yellowlegs, who Celaena fought and actually made her sweat. I don’t know about her but for me the poetry was pretty easy to interpret. I mean, it took her a long time to figure out the key in the tomb! So I think the trip to the witch in the carnival was an unnecessary one. And there’s this thing about the witches’ revenge that always make me look behind Celaena’s shoulder because I feel like it’s gonna happen anytime soon. Another worry made.

Nehemia’s death was unacceptable! I was sad partly because she’s dead but mostly because she couldn’t be of anymore use to Celaena. She left many clues but she also left many unaswered questions. I couldn’t believe that she hid things from Celaena and planned something that big. I would have liked her to be the sister figure for Celaena…

This series kind of has a reputation of crime solving, first Cain then Archer. I would never have expected it to be Archer because I thought he was a weak character. I mean he still is, I mean was, but he’s very deceptive and manipulative. He planned the office and the book and everything, even Chaol’s kidnap! I’m glad he’s down because he would have made a terrible king. Too bad, I actually pictured him like Finnick Odair/ Sam Clafflin

Speaking of Chaol’s kidnap, I LOVED THAT SCENE!! Celaena went totally berserk and just became the killing machine! I imagined her sword sounding SHING-WISHING! I kind of wished Chaol would die but… he never did so… life goes on.

We learned two things about Celaena on the second book. 1) She’s the rightful heir of the Terrasen with the honest court. But I think that one’s obvious since the beginning, the main character just can’t be a normal assassin! 2) That  she’s a fae! It wouldn’t come as obvious as the first one but when you know this bit of information the puzzle pieces fit into each other. I still don’t understand why Celaena can’t use her power in their world, sure magic’s not banned in the other dimensions but what about Dorian? Or do they have different sort of magic and it allows Dorian to use it in their world? But why only now? Is he born of this power? I have so many questions  that I want answered!

Let’s talk about the climax, when Celaena tried to open a telephone line for Nehemia. I don’t know about you but when they try to bring back the dead or even just communicate with them, it rarely turns out fine. It’s a terrible idea and she knew it! I don’t get why Dorian had to go to Chaol when he dreamed of the first king talking to him when clearly he wants him to save her, not Chaol to do his tasked job! Okay, le’mme get this clear, I adore fleetfoot. I adore dogs. But would I follow him to some sort of demon realm? NOPE. I WOULDN’T FOLLOW ANYONE EVEN THE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES. So after I read Chaol jumping into the realm, I stomped so hard. Can this guy be more of an idiot? He’s adding up to Celaena’s problems!

Anyway, what’s the thing with the Walking Dead? It just appears? I wonder if Archer had really taken it,  would it go back to them?

Continuing after that KICKASS SCENE WHERE AGAIN, CELAENA SAVED EVERYONES’ ASS , Chaol had this deal with his father that if he agreed to be back at their home, his dad would support him in his decision to send Celaena to Wendlyn to avoid being the kings champion because he already knew of what’s really “going on”. And the date she gave her when they parted, I thought it was a date when she fell in love with him. But as it turns out, it’s not. It was her birthday. She gave her the info he doesn’t need to have because as in love as they are, I still don’t trust Chaol like that. Sure, he’s loyal but… Loyalty could go differently sometimes.

I’m so excited for Wendlyn because she has some relatives in there, right? I have a big guess that one of the keys is in there. And I think Wendlyn is very different from Adarlan in so many ways, I just hope it’s better and with a better management. I hope she get’s a back up from there because she definitely didn’t go there to murder anyone. I hope she uncovers more of her fae side in Wendlyn and finally use her magic in the actual world. HUH! Imagine how cool would that be!

In this book we met so much new characters like Mort, Hollin, and Roland. But none of them actually was super significant at the moment. I was actually kind of disappointed that Roland wasn’t so revealed and purposeful in this book. And we’ve only seen Hollin from afar. No one actually struck a conversation with him through out. And Hollin being not as handsome as Dorian is, maybe Dorian’s a fae too? and not an actual prince? or something? I’m over theorizing everything again xD! So Mort was the only one kinda useful but not really. He’s annoying most of the time.

I really hope to see more of these characters in the next book, And from what I’ve seen there are new characters in Heir of Fire (obviously as she’s in a different place) which people love. I’m really so excited to the turns of this series! And we’re just on the 3rd book yet so 2 or 3 more to come!

I wonder who will follow her in Wendlyn. Because there’s definitely one or more. And how she’s going to collect the keys. I think Adarlan/Rifthold will be under attack after Celaena’s departure. Uhhhh. I’m just really excited for the next book but it would have to wait because I still have so many on my plate at the moment. By the way, the cover of Queen of Shadows (book #4) is lovely! Having been said queen, the cover looks really awesome with pink. I would have never put Celaena and pink in the same page but it really is awesome! I’m so excited for this series so please don’t spoil me on anything!

This second book was much sharper and assertive than the first one. It’s always on the move and up to something and keeps the readers on their adrenaline and laid back on their seats. It was a wonderful (understatement) sequel.

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