Random Thought: Dorian Havilliard

If you haven’t read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas then all of this is a big SPOILER.

On my Throne of Glass talk, I told you about not choosing teams yet because I was soconfused. I loved Dorian and I love Chaol too. I felt that Dorian’s relationship with Celaena had been too shallow. Attraction and… Yeah mostly attraction.  And that Chaol never gave himself a chance to fall for Celaena. But the strangest thing happened to me. I was in the first 6 chapters, I guess, of Crown of Midnight, when I realized that I’m team Dorian.

At this point, there’s not much Celorian shippers left. Most of them are Chaoleana. I just feel like whatever Dorian and Celaena had never bloomed into full romance. It was never given a chance to go deep. Unlike the Chaolaena, they were always together.

But my Dorian is just perfect. He’s kind, funny, smart, and has powers too! While Chaol is nice, honorable and just Chaol. I feel like Chaol is too serious. Too professional. I don’t know why Celaena didn’t fight for Dorian. I just remember that line from Crown of Midnight where he asked Celaena whether she wants him to fight for her and she said “No. I want you to leave me alone.” Oh, that just hurt me so much. I feel bad for Dorian. I feel even worse that he decided to let her go. And for him to watch all their cheesy moments! In my head I keepon saying ” Akin ka na lang, Dorian” (If she doesn’t want you, just please be mine, Dorian)

I keep on saying to myself that I would be swayed by Chaol too, just keep on waiting. But I never was. I hope I will because I don’t want to be on the losing team but I REALLY SHIP CELORIAN.

I almost cried when Celaena and Chaol did their sexy things because I knew then that it would be impossible for Celorian to be together again! What’s even worse is that Celaena’s friendzoning him! I just feel bad for Dorian. So when, Chaolaena did their private stuff, I kind of hoped that Nehemia and Dorian would be the next thing but NEHEMIA DIED.

I don’t think Celorian would be back together but I sure hope so! And if not, please dear author I’m begging you! Give Dorian someone to love! And make me love her first and then ship them so I won’t feel hurt for Dorian, my sweet. But if you ever change your mind about Celorian, let us know ’cause I’m still hoping.

I still haven’t read Heir of Fire and there’s 2 more books to come so I’m still crossing fingers here. But a message to all Team Chaol out there, just remember that there’s still team Dorian in here waiting for Chaolaena to fall apart. or Chaol to just die. peace yo!

Post Script:

I still haven’t done my Crown of Midnight talk because I still feel like I’m not rational enough to talk about it but rest assured it will be posted probably next week when I’ve already regained a clear head (’cause of school stuff and all)


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