Let’s talk about: This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith


15790873The thing about romance contemporary reads is that they’re never really just about the love story, it’s also about some hindrance or some self issues or something. The love story is bound to happen while the other story is already set before the characters even meet each other. This is the same with This Is What Happy Looks Like. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. It’s just somehow a common fact among most contemps that makes it less exciting than it should have been. And the thing with contemps too. that is really annoying, is that they’re too short, and most of them, doesn’t have a sequel.

I kind of started this talk on a not-so-happy tone, but don’t get me wrong! TIWHLL really did make me happy! It’s so cute and fun and really romantic. This is the kind of book that really gets you smiling and rolling in the bed at 2 am. It’s not that short but once you start reading it, pages just fly by. It’s definitely a dream come true for fangirls like me.

Before I go on the goodreads-y part of this post let me just ponder on this. Why the hell is it that Jennifer E. Smith’s books are named so long? I have got 3 of her books and every single title is longer than my name. What a mouthful. But to make up, the covers are really awesome and cute. This cover is my favorite, though.

So this story is about a teen celebrity, Graham Larkins and a regular girl (sort of) , Ellie O’ Neall meeting on the internet accidentally. They chatted for 3 months, not really knowing who the other one is but traded information and facts about themselves except for their names.Now, Graham is shooting his next movie. In Maine, where Ellie lives. Wanna know what happens next? Read it friend!

The prologue of this story is just perfect. It was accidental and them figuring everything out except for their names is cool. I understand the logic that go tell a stranger everything except your name, because leaving out your name, they will have no idea how to figure who you are and when you’re strangers you want to leave it that way, you just want to release everything and then move on. But in their case, they got hooked, so initials kind of sufficed for them. It’s cute that they actually know each other better than they thought. It’s kind of internet dating but it wasn’t official and it’s purely accidental.

I always get a little sad on reading Graham’s point of view because, even though I expected him to have some issues because he can’t be perfect, he’s kind of a loner but the thing is he was never alone! And he realized that almost by the end of the book. I love reading his his point of view still, because he was funny and just a soft guy inside. It was really hilarious that he auditioned for Guys and Dolls just because of a girl and he got accepted and discovered and now he’s a celebrity. All thanks to that girl!

I don’t know what’s up with his parents. If I became a celebrity, maybe my parents will go a little crazy or enjoy the fame or most likely to lecture me and rant about studies but treat me like a stranger? NO. And his friends is likely his fault. Of course they would feel that he’s different, it’s up to him to make them feel that he’s not. So if he’s a loner, it’s not a wonder, he found comfort in talking anonymously.

Ellie on the other hand is a paranoid kid. She lied a bunch of times in this book which makes me angry because she definitely doesn’t have to. And Quinn, I think her reaction to Ellie keeping a secret is beyond acceptable. I mean, some things are to be kept to ourselves.

I found their meeting to be quite unexpected. I mean, if you’re going to meet her, just tell her! No need for dramatic scenes cause I think he was really envisioning their meeting. “I know who you are.”Of course! Who doesn’t? You’re a celebrity dude!

And though Ellie is really awkward (by awkward I mean different but aren’t we all?) when they’re together, he doesn’t see it because Ellie doesn’t act awkward like most of us in front of the celebrity.

I just find it so annoying that they have to STILL keep it a secret to everyone about her being a senator’s daughter when OBVIOUSLY everyone knows about it already. Well, clearly not in Henley. And who cares, really? And it really tugged at my heart when she realized that her father actually loves her. But what the heck? Everyone knows about it so why not just be her father!? IF YOU JUST LET EVERYONE KNOW, EVENTUALLY, IT DOESN’T MAKE GOSSIP ANYMORE AND YOU WOULD RECOGNIZE YOUR OWN FREAKING DAUGHTER.

So I’m just confused, if Ellie doesn’t want her mom to know about the money borrowing for the Harvard thing then isn’t it so dramatic to ask her dad, a freaking senator for it?

I loved that Graham actually paid attention to the things that made Ellie happy like the sunrise and they waited for it. It’s actually cute that when he said they had to wait for sunrise and she said it was too long, that 8 hours is too long but when they changed the way they looked at it , when they realized that they only had 8 hours left it seemed so short.

The only thing about it, though, is that it ended there. We have no idea how they conquered the main conflict which is distance. HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO US J. E. Smith?!!! I HATE THAT. But it’s what it promised to be. Light and just lovey-dovey. Share the feels.


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