My favorite booktuber, Polandbananasbooks, made a video about her book boyfriends and I was inspired to made my own version.

Like I’ve said in the kick ass post, I have not read a lot of series and books so please forgive that your book boyfriend may not be included in this post

February 14 is by the door again knocking and there to make the singles’ life miserable. I’m SO glad that I’m not one of those singles because today I’m going to show you my 10 boyfriends. AHEM. BOOK BOYFRIENDS. I’m so very excited about this post. I mean, I’m a fangirl, I can’t just have 1 book boyfriend. But it wasn’t easy to pick out of the very few male characters that I had the pleasure to meet. At first I decided on TOP 10 book boyfriends but that’s simply impossible. Ranking them out is just too hard! So I decided on giving them awards instead.

Without much further ado, here are the winners of my book boyfriend awards! Don’t worry I share book boyfriends. You can have them too ūüėÄ

FIRST LOVE AWARD GOES TO Edward Cullen of The Twilight Saga


If it weren’t for Edward, the other categories might not even exist. Edward just tugs at your heart! He’s completely sweet and romantic and buys you amazing things. He’s really intense and not looking for a short term relationship. I mean, try not having a girlfriend for 90 years, you’ll get intense and passionate feelings too. Don’t even try to mess with his feelings! He can tell if you’re cheating and lying, pretty much he can tell what you’re thinking.

HOTTEST MAN ALIVE AWARD GOES TO Christian Grey of Fifty Shades Trilogy



Nope, I’m not explaining. I don’t need to.

THE HUBBY MATERIAL AWARD GOES TO James Carstairs of the Infernal Devices series.


The one word to describe Jem would be, FEELS. I have got some of my most intense book moments from him. I think Jem for me would be what I should look for in husband (except being a sickly one). He’s patient (Talk about 130 years) and musical and quite innocent (hehehe) and he’s sexy too and he’s Asian, just like me! Everything in his perspective is just beautiful and serene and sweet. And he sees through people’s heart (Except, I don’t know, Will?). And if you’re in need of medicinal help and counseling, you could go to him too. He used to be a priest/doctor.


I GOT OUT OF FRIENDZONE AWARD GOES TO Etienne St. Clair of Anna and the French Kiss



Oh my gosh, I’m so in love with Etienne! He’s French and American with a British accent, is there ever a better combination than that? Not only that! He’s funny and loves history and, may not seem like it, but he’s stick to one. When he saw her, he knew that she’s the one! However good looking and smart Etienne is, believe it or not, he experienced friendzone. But he eventually had the guts to say it.¬†And the fact that he’s not perfect because he’s not tall just makes him more adorable. The only concern about Etienne is that everyone is in love him, so you should watch out for tough competition or wait a long line to gain his attention.

LOYALTY AWARD GOES TO Aaron Warner of Shatter Me Trilogy


Insert Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift “So tall and handsome as hell, so bad but he does it so well!”

Can you believe it? We have been totally mislead by the first book. Just look at that face! Could that be evil? His award doesn’t sound fancy-shmancy but I gave him that for a very good reason. Juliette shot him in the chest but missed. And HE’S STILL IN LOVE WITH HER. He even saved her life for that same exact scenario with his dad! If that’s not loyal, I don’t know what is! And Warner, my baby, gives a whole new meaning to tattoos! He’s also smart. Don’t worry you’ll get along with him I’m sure, he values fashion. A lot. He is not gay, by the way, His sexy times with Juliette are a proof to that.

TEENAGE CRUSH AWARD GOES TO Percy Jackson of Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson and the Olympians series


Percy will always be the epitome of adorable to me. Among my other book love lives, Percy maybe is the most common looking and that’s a break for me because good looks can sometimes be intimidating,¬†so his charm and humble awesomeness will be the magnet to draw you in. He too, is likely to be schooling and that makes him my absolute school teenage crush. I mean, the guy is humble and cute but he is definitely not the studious type. You may have to teach him the difference in reading dog and god.



Augustus is definitely a love at first sight and then you learned that he kinda smokes but not really and you went “ehhh” and then the famous line come in and it’s official, you were swept off your feet! He just says those romantic lines when you least expect it. “It’s a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” And you know that he means it because everything that comes out of his mouth is so intelligent and smart and honest and he is not ashamed to say them. This is the boyfriend that made me cry a river but I really don’t mind. Be careful with Gus though, he may have a thing for PDA like in the Anne Frank house. With tons of people and oxygen tanks.

BOY SCOUT BOYFRIEND AWARD GOES TO Carswell Thorne of the Lunar Chronicles


Well, I couldn’t deny that Thorne would be the most narcissistic of them all. But he’s also a military guy and a trip to the dessert isn’t a hassle. Even when you just came from an unexpected crash in a space satellite. At first 2 books, he’s quite annoying but in Cress he just turned into a selfless, caring and responsible smarty pants! And he knows that to be in love with him is difficult even when he claims that other girls are scrambling for a piece of him so when you tell him you love him, he finds it difficult to reciprocate. Just don’t forget his eye drops 4 times a day and he will surely kiss you on the rooftop in the verge of your death. How romantic.

I ALMOST NEVER GOT OUT OF FRIENDZONE AWARD GOES TO Alex Stewart of Love Rosie (Where Rainbows End)


Alex could never just fit in the role best friend. But for how many years because of some series of unfortunate events (quite literally), he actually did. Reading their letters is just so frustrating but even though Alex made a handful of mistakes in his life, you couldn’t blame him because he’s always there for you when you needed him unless he’s in Boston trying to ruin his love life. Alex is sweet caring and has a smile to die for. He too, is dreamer!(he’s Dr. Stewart now) and never forgets to look back where he came from. You have to be a little forthcoming in confessing your love to him, though. It sometimes takes him 12 years to write a letter about his love for you and 30 years to actually confess face to face and all you’ll get is that magical *SILENCE*


clockwork angel

Will, my love, is all the book boyfriend awards combined and even more! I couldn’t find a picture to justify his face so I just took the cover. Will made my heart ache so much and even though he’s such a rascal at first, I never have resented him. I just know deep down that there’s more to him than just pretty face just like I know that he and me is 5ever. And the pain he experienced emotionally just keeps you falling for him over and over again. And the way that he loves, not just Tessa but everyone around him, makes him so very forever material. If I could have one real boyfriend in this list, it would definitely be Will.

So that’s it! Share me yours! even your own awards!

*All the pictures here are from the internet


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