Let’s talk about: Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Thanks to my friend, Marielle Pangilinan, who practically begged me to read this one, for convincing me.


This is my second book of Colleen Hoover and first book of Tarryn Fisher. This is about 2 main characters forgetting everything about themselves. Here’s some text from Goodreads:

“Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen.
Complete strangers since this morning.
He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.”

Dude,  my mind was blown to pieces. Scattered all over the place and I have no idea how to gather them. It’s like I’m collecting dust.

I have never been so excited to finish a book and to know what happened next and never have I also experienced extreme cliff hanger. WHICH IS SO FRUSTRATING

I have so many issues with this book and I don’t know how to address them. I’m having a love-hate relationship with this book. It was so intriguing and so mysterious, I don’t know if it’s contemporary or fantasy. The beginning alone was just the worst case scenario for any main character ever to exist! It was SO GOOD  but kind of  still not good enough or it could have been better. It’s just really hard to talk about Never Never without spoiling it.

So here goes. There’s so many ways the first scenario would not work. Thank heavens, our characters are not dumb and they figured out already what happened to them and who are them and what are they to each other. Which doesn’t even make sense! The fact that they are both cheating on each other and still WITH EACH OTHER is just nuts!!! Were they afraid of breaking up? Is it all a ruse? I don’t know! Because the way their things (tattoos, pictures in the locker and the “baby” on their contact’s name, the love letters and so many stuff ) are says they are so madly in love but the present day happenings doesn’t show so. All of Charlie’s friends are confused about her still dating Silas.

And that scene on Brian’s dad club? Where Silas punched his dad? That’s just so confusing! How dare you get jealous when you’re obviously screwing the guidance counselor? I mean Charlie, obviously, is just trying to earn a living! I mean it could be that, since they get reset every 2 days, and get attracted to each other every 2 days, maybe he fell in love and just found out that Charlie was cheating on him? I don’t really understand.

And their family feud, it wasn’t really explained (well, nothing in this book is well explained). But the fact that Charlie’s family is poor and they are not aloud to see each other mean that this is a big Romeo and Juliet thing. AND ABOUT MONEY TOO.  Charlie’s mom would be the worst character in this book. I get someone who doesn’t know how to handle stress and live without money and is always drunk for a mother? I can do on my own, thanks! Silas’ dad is also being irrational, though not as much as Charlie’s mom. Why would you be in the way of your son’s love life? And his mom! She wasn’t even shocked to know that Charlie was on the house. And it’s like she doesn’t live there! Were they divorced or something? I have formed some theories over their family problems but none of those theories are clear or coherent enough for me to blurt out.

And there only so few clues that have been left for them to explore! The mud on the bed and Charlie being muddy the night before. WHY? WHAT THE F HAPPENED? The letters which are made by them and sent to them is a very clever move. I mean to lose your freaking memory every 2 days? That’s scary and having that letter is a little comforting, knowing that someone knows exactly how you feel even if it’s your own self 4 days before.

Them discovering things and falling in love on this book is very cute, it’s something to balance on the frustrating side of the story. It’s a little too fast, though, but I cant blame them. When you’ve got history together and you’re both good looking? Bet you, they can’t help themselves. I really liked the scene when they found out that Charlie had been cheating with Brian, and they just laughed it off while Landon’s all confused and going nuts! I mean, the chasing-running thing they have is also very cute but I wouldn’t call it love yet. More like attraction to the unknown.

Landon and Jannette, I think, are the “okay” characters. They don’t mean much but somehow essential too. The trip to the fortune telling hut was not creepy for me, maybe because I’m not actually in there, but I know that in books and movies, fortune telling resembles what might really happen. so remember, FORTUNE TELLING IN BOOKS AND MOVIES ARE IMPORTANT. I hate it that Silas just can’t wait to actually hear what the fortune teller has to say and just drags Charlie out of the place to lecture her about not listening to any of it! Hello, Silas, at this point you don’t freaking have any idea about anything aside from the things you might want to do to Charlie, so you better listen!

And they actually thought a kiss would help? WHAT THE HELL? YOU’RE JUST AMNESIAC NOT SCHIZOPHRENIC! That was the first time we actually ever saw them kiss but there are a lot of sexy times before that that’s recorded. And it felt awkward reading that part because these people are so young and it was descriptive which I don’t think is appropriate for it’s supposed audience.

Now, let’s go to the shrimp girl! I know that she has a big part on the reason why they keep forgetting everything! It’s her notebook (or was it her?) that they see every time they get reset. And she looked so shy when she walked past Brian and Charlie that day. I don’t know how or what she does to them or if not, she knows who did it to them. i think that, since Silas is really good (not nice) to people, maybe he helped her and she fell for him and discovered everything about Charlie, the Guidance Counselor, and who know’s who is Silas’ thing that time, and went out like a bitter girlfriend and want revenge that she planned it. It’s just a crazy theory.

We ended at Silas looking for Charlie and finding the letters they made to themselves whenever the resetting happened instead. So when he found out that  it happens every 48 freaking hours, its 3 FREAKING MINUTES before they reset again and Charlie is nowhere to be found! At least he gets to read the letter and would know what to do but Charlie? Who knows if she’s in Antarctica and gets reset. SHE WILL HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT TO DO!

My feelings on this book is just crazy! It’s so short and so frustrating. In the end, we have formed so many more questions than answered ones. I mean, we only get a peek at the real answers and that leads to even more questions. I mean, I understand cliff hangers, I really do, but this just crossed the line between the worlds. I love it but I also hate it for being cut so short. It wasn’t justifiable to cut it there. For heaven’s sake, you have 2 authors working on it, why couldn’t you write more?! 5 chapters longer! Is that too much to ask? The next book should be Bible thick and be released soon. If it wasn’t, I just don’t know how it’s gonna be concluded properly. I hope the second one makes up for this frustration. I enjoyed it but I didn’t (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) THIS BOOK IS INTENSE.

Because of my frustrations and issues over this book I give it 3.5 stars. Share your feels. 😀


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