Hey guys! I’ve noticed lately that most books that I have read are written by women. I don’t know if women actually write better than men (I’m not trying to be sexist here) or just the population of female writers are better. Either way, it’s both awesome. And because I have read most books from female author, the main characters that I’ve read are coincidentally females too. Anyway, I think that female characters are equally kick ass compared to male characters. So in appreciation of our awesome sisters, here are my list of top 5 kick ass female characters.

Bear in mind that I have read so very few series yet so my knowledge of female kickassery is very limited. However, when I find more of this female kind and trust me I will, I shall keep you updated.

#5 on my list is Juliette Ferrars of Shatter Me series!


Yeah, I know. In the 1st and 2nd book of the series she’s just 80% self pity and 20% tears. But the last book was all “fear will learn to fear me”. And come on! A girl with lethal touch who actually manages to crack the earth and has some weird mind powers with a totally hot boyfriend? Consider your ass kicked!

#4 is Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments


If you know Izzy, we probably feel the same way. Book Izzy, and movie Izzy are both gorgeous and awesome. If you’re not convinced of Isabelle’s kickassery, I’m bursting your bubble right now ’cause this girl’s everyday living is fashion, flings with boys, and good old demon killing. YES, DEMON KILLING. Not only that, Iz has a very sassy personality and sharp tongue. Her wit and humor just gets you.

#3 is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games Trilogy


Well, do I still have to explain this? Of course the Girl on Fire is on my list! Who wears a gown with flames that isn’t considered cool and kick ass? To some, Katniss maybe the epitome of kickass but  to me she’s not so much. I mean after 3 books, the girl is probably traumatized to have kids and to do anything that doesn’t remind her of her past experiences which is not so cool. Yes, Suzanne Collins, you did this!

#2 or the first runner up for the coolest female character is Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus



I’m telling you, it’s hard to be cooler than an Athena child! [except maybe when you’re an Apollo kid( I love Apollo Cabin!)] Well, let’s see. Annabeth’s idea of quality time with her boyfriend is in *drum roll* TARTARUS . They even made friends down there! And like the awesome kid she is, she and Percy came back! Let’s not forget the fact that she’s an architect at the age 16.

I know it’s hard to top Annabeth but here’s my no.1

#1 Cinder Linh from The Lunar Chronicles




As a child, Cinderella has always been my favorite story. And knowing now that she’s a cyborg and a mechanic and princess who kidnaps her prince charming? Oh boy, was it awesome?! It’s also how Cinder’s attitude is “I don’t give a crap” most of the time. The fact that in every chapter and every book of the Lunar Chronicles Cinder kicks ass and does something Oscars worthy is enough for me to give the #1 spot to her


So you have my top 5! Tell what you think about it and share your own!



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