Let’s talk about: The Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier


Ruby Red is very special series for me because it was my first read of the year! And boy, was it good to start your year!

The books are fast paced and really short. Most likely to finish in one sitting and I mean the whole series. I expected this series to be serious and have an ancient aura to it because it’s about time travel. I mean, the more you think about time travel the more it gets weird, right? It didn’t meet my expectations but in a good way because this definitely is better than what I had expected. Very short, though! I also expected it to be set in Germany and have some German terms. I didn’t get that right again. It’s in London with zero German terms (has a bunch of Latins though). Too much for expectations. I just love it and enjoy it. I love the main character and how she narrates. It was just funny. I wish it had more books to follow. I know. The covers are really gorgeous and really elegant. If these are boyfriends? It’s definitely good for display and even better personality.

Don’t be fooled by the covers though, they can be really deceptive. My guy friends won’t read it because of the title and cover. They assume that it’s super-duper girly and not just meant for guys. And that’s where they got it wrong. Once they’ve heard the plot, the judgmental thing kind of ceased.

Ruby Red is a German novel translated to English. Gwyneth, our main character, and the rest of her family thought that her smart cousin Charlotte inherited the time traveling gene and the whole family prepared her for the time that she will travel but unfortunately for some reasons, It’s not Charlotte. It’s Gwyneth. Now, Gwyneth must face the consequences and catch up on being a trained time traveler. And as she does just that she discovers a whole bunch of secrets and confused on who exactly to trust. That’s it if you haven’t read the series.

Gwyneth is just the perfect character for this series! Everone’s tensed up and serious like a brick and her personality just lights the place!

There’s just so many characters to love in this series like Lesley, Xemerious, Nick and Caroline, Mr. George, Madame Rossini and a whole bunch of other people. You noticed that I didn’t put Gideon, right? That’s because he was a bipolar kid until Emerald Green. But that doesn’t mean I don’t ship Gwydion! ‘Cause I do! I love Gwydion and Gideon. With him It’s like “I love him but I’m not sure If I’m to trust him yet” kind of situation. I was mad at him for being pissed at Gwyneth at that time in Sapphire Blue but when we found out and he found out that he hit himself with a flashlight, I burst out laughing for straight 3 minutes. He even called himself an idiot! Not just that, he had a weird relationship with Charlotte. So we don’t actually know if he liked her or not in the beginning! And he really believes in this Count freaking Saint Germaine. Like he plans to do something good with immortality.

The moment I witnessed the “God save the Queen” episode and the count strangled Gwen, I absolutely felt it in my gizzard that Lucy and Paul did something right! Even 2 teenagers wouldn’t steal a chronograph if it wasn’t gonna be used for the wrong reasons. And them being Gwen’s parents are weird. 2 FREAKING DAYS AFTER SHE GAVE BIRTH, SHE FREAKING WENT ON THE RUN. I JUST DON’T BUY THAT. I don’t care if it’s normal delivery or C-section. You have and need to rest.

And I don’t know about you, but for me it was obvious that Gwyneth’s power is talking to the dead. And the dead here are interesting too. First off, James with a very long name, teaches her how to curtsy and 18th century stuff which is cool. And she helped him not die of small pox in the end which is just so sweet of Gwyneth and totally cool of Gideon. Ghost #2 is Xemerious who ranks as my favorite demon ever! He was so cute but his tongue is definitely sassy as hell and totally funny and useful to Gwen. The narration he makes about Gwen and Gideon is just hilarious. And ghost #3 is Darth Vader from the 18th century. I honestly thought he was creepy. Aside from that I don’t care that Xemerious ate him.

The whole Grandpa Lucas ordeal was so awesome and cute it makes me want to cry everytime. He knew that Gwen is the gene carrier from the start and decided not to interfere with it. And he was funny too. “Which am I going to marry, does it start with an A or a C?”

I really thought Lady Arista would be big significance to this series because of the whole “lady” thing but it turns out to be not. And the person I didn’t thought that would be a great thing in here turned out to be the count. It make sense now that it was Mr. Whitman. But darn it, I was foolish. But I made up for it when figured all about the chronograph in the chest billion pages before it was actually revealed. I actually hated Charlotte for that, more than I already hate her. BECAUSE THE GIRL IS FREAKING PERFECT.

And Dr. White! He became so nice in the part where she pretended to be sick and it wasn’t even explained or hinted. Maybe he figured out about little Robert and Gwyneth?

I was actually shocked that the whole time travel thing isn’t confusing at all. It could be understood without so much thought. And speaking of time travel, so Mr. Bernard is her nephew, right? or something. WEIRD.

It’s really anticlimactic that the philosopher’s stone turned out to be immortal salt. I wasn’t crazy on the idea that she’s immortal. Well, not until Gideon joined her too.

Whoah! That took forever. I know there are so much I left behind but this is all I remember now. I really wish that it could have been 2 books longer than it is because that could certainly happen.  It was a nice wrap up, though THE LAST BOOK SHOULD HAVE BEEN LONGER AND REALLY ROMANTIC ASIDE FROM THE KISSING SCENES. But like I said this series was really good and awesome, I love it all equally.  SOLID 5 STARS.


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