Let’s talk about: Fifty Shades Trilogy by E. L. James

50Okay. I know. I’m too young to have read this trilogy to talk about it. But hey, I already did. So there’s no coming back now. Anyway, it (The first one in the series) will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day this year. Although I’m really excited, I can’t watch it yet (still not an adult) and for that I’m really frustrated so my normal course of action is to blog about it. Talk about it even though I’ve read it 2 years ago, now.

I really doubt it if you haven’t heard of this series or anything about it ’cause it’s really known, and known for its sexy times, a lot of it. I’m sure you know what I mean (wink). But just humor me ’cause I’m still sharing some info.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a fan fiction of Twilight (which I love) that revolves around the story of Ana Steele, timid and shy. meeting this handsome creature a.k.a. Christian Grey. Ana was smitten by CG and CG with Ana. Almost perfect right? But everything changes when Ana discovers something different with CG’s lifestyle, especially when it comes to how he likes to canoodle (UNDERSTATEMENT).

I’m telling you, there’s a serious amount of sex stuff in here and if you’re not into that then you will not want to read it and just go away now. However, if you could endure some serious hot stuff going and can look past that then read it and come back and share the feels! CAUSE THERE WILL BE A FLOOD OF FEELS! Now if you have already read it, feel free to click read more.

Fifty Shades of Grey is the first book I have read with sexual matters. And now, comparing it with some other new adult books, I see that it was really very sexy. Sex is a major part of the characters’ lives.

I just have to say that the terms in the hard limits really scared me out of my wits. I was appalled that things like those could be used in sex. If you have read the book, you know exactly what those magical words are!

Once I got over that I noticed that It was really romantic and really swoon worthy! Who wouldn’t drool for a Christian Grey? Rich, impossibly handsome,  good in bed, and most of all, mysterious! Hello? This is Edward Cullen’s twin in the parallel universe made even better because he’s older! Well not really ’cause Edward is like 115? But I’m sure you get the idea.

It was really frustrating to be in love with CG in the first book because even though he makes this grand gestures for Ana, he also hurts her! And though she’s considered different and special, HE’S NOT IN LOVE WITH HER. Talk about weird. And we can’t blame him either because we know, even though at this point it’s not very clear, he’s got a big dark secret and his childhood and Mrs. Robinson.

I couldn’t fathom how I could hate on Mrs. Robinson so much in the first book when we didn’t even had a chance to see her. She was just mentioned and talked about but not really there. I guess it’s because I see Ana’s point that however CG said that she helped him, it would never be right. Cheating on your husband is one thing. Cheating on your husband with a fifteen year old is a whole different category.

Since it’s the whole series we’re talking about, I will just mention events that I liked and didn’t so it wouldn’t take forever.

Events/People I liked:

  • Kate Kavanagh is just a win all through out the series. Doesn’t give a crap if it’s Christian Grey or Obama, She’ll scold you.
  • The night when CG stayed because they emailing and Ana was crying ’cause he never stayed with her after their thing. That was just romantic and tear worthy.
  • Georgia! and the Airplane! She’s now the “girlfriend”
  • I liked it that she left him in the end and not the other way around (DEFINITELY NOT LIKE IN NEW MOON). Gives him a good lesson.

Events/People I  didn’t like:

  • What’s up with the inner goddess and subconscious? Couldn’t you own your thoughts?
  • Mrs. Robinson, obviously.
  • I hate the scene after graduation and he gives her a car and made her feel like a whore. That was a dignity-crushing moment.
  • I was so annoyed with the “kiss me” episode Ana thrown! She looked so desperate! And they’re in the public! Even more annoyed when CG said “I’m not the man for you” or something like that. What? You just leading her on?
  • The tampon scene is just gross. It doesn’t have to be explained.
  • It doesn’t make sense that after he hit Ana, he will give her Advil. WHAT THE HECK?

The second book is my favorite in the trilogy. Because it definitely is what it says in the title, Darker. We get to see his darker sides. and Leila and Jack and Dr. Flynn and Mrs R. . I started loving Taylor in this book and the other staff too. And at last he get’s to admit he loves Ana (PARTY!!!). He admits that he’s miserable and his mom finds out everything and just throws Mrs. R out. How kick ass of her. This book is really packed like you wouldn’t believe. In every chapter there isn’t just sex scenes but an actual relationship that they didn’t have in the first book.

Leila the nut job is just scouring the place like a maniac and CG is acting like a nut job too. Take note, CG gets jealous every chance he gets and the nerve he had to be all dominant and domineering on Leila! ON ANA’S FREAKING FACE.

So CG actually volunteers to be a submissive! Why in the earth would Ana want you to be her submissive? And he spilled the beans and the shocking thing is the proposal which isn’t even a proposal because it sounded like a command.”There’s one thing. Marry me.” And we go open mouthed! That came from nowhere! And the fact that she accepted before Dr. Flynn just proves that she’s sincere.

Charlie Tango being sabotaged, I knew it has something to do with Jack! I mean he’s such a pervert but I never thought that he already lost his marbles.

It would be too long to narrate every single thing that I liked in book 2 because by then I would be narrating the whole book and it was just awesome and hot and sweet and romantic and there’s the chase now and guns and freaking shrinks on charity events and mind boggling sort of sorcery. If FEELS were temperature, I’m sure I’m a sun

The third book ranks 2nd to me. CG and Ana is already married and on their honeymoon blah blah blah. We spent quarter of the book in their honeymoon. I know it’s romantic but it’s  AS IF WE HAVEN’T SEEN ENOUGH HONEYMOONS ALREADY FROM YOU. And the other quarter on jealousy and testing the matrimonial waters and sorting everything out as a married couple, which is adorable because they now are kind of normal and that’s what they are not from the beginning. We get to witness Kate and Elliot’s relationship too which is nice. For once, they are not the most problematic couple. But only for once

The last half of the book was exciting part and emotional too. I knew Ana is going to be preggers. And however nice and warm CG is, he’s still freaked out by the baby! Goodness! He’s competing with the baby! He really went apecrap about that.

It was the first time we see them actually be mad at each other for a long time like long time meaning days (3 max). And Jack and the kidnapping ordeal happened and the money matters! OH IT WAS ALL HEART CLENCHING. FEEELLLS. TISSUUEE.

But what really got me was the hospital scene. First off, WTH Ana? Jumpy memories? It was oh so annoying! The fact that the baby is safe and CG accepts it is just nice and warm and fuzzy and all family warm. We knew why Jack did everything he did. We got over Mrs. Robinson. And we FREED all of the hidden stories waiting to be told which was a nightmare as it was a relief. We have got a new house for the kiddos which we did see (TED!!). Everything was resolved and closed and exposed properly you couldn’t have asked for a better ending than that. No loose end. Nothing left hanging.

I saw all of the trailers for the movie and it was just smokin’. I hope they don’t overdo the bed scenes. And the cast is just PERFECT.

SOOOO Those are my feels. I really love this series because its just romantic and a typical “typical girl saves bad boy” kind of story w/c happens to be my kind of things, I really enjoyed flipping the pages and reading through it even though at first I was horrified. In the end, I loved it.

But if you know someone hating on FSOG, just remember Taylor Swift. Haters gonna hate but just SHAKE IT OFF!




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